Whole Sea bass with Tomato and Basil garnish

28 April, 2013

Sea bass and I have a history, like a deep and meaningful history. The type of history that makes you feel all warm and gooey inside. I mean I know I play the field with players like bacon, sausages and other fried delicious feasts on occasion but Sea bass really has my heart. Especially in the summer, so now the sun has finally decided to make an appearance it felt only right to make this….


Now not only is this dish super healthy, it’s also super easy to make. To me this is the perfect dish to cook to impress, so ladies or gents if you’re trying to wow a potential new suitor or you just fancy showing off your badass cooking skills to your significant other who thought your culinary skills could only stretch to beans on toast, this dish is IT.


1 whole Sea bass (Mine weighed 650 g which will serve two people)

x2 cloves of garlic

Olive oil

x1 bag of Fresh Rosemary and Thyme

Tomato and Basil sauce

Olive oil

x 4 tomatoes

x2 garlic cloves

x1 bag of fresh Basil

x1 juice of 1 lemon

sprinkle of salt and sugar to season

For sides I chose new potatoes and a side salad but if you want to enjoy the fish without the carbs you could serve this with sauteed green beans or spinach and asparagus instead maybe?



Ok so first things first go to your local fishmongers and choose your Sea bass. Ask them to scale it, gut it and trim it, basically it’s like you’re asking for a short,back and sides.I bought my fish from Selfridges Food Hall and it weighed in at 650 grams and cost me £16.00. Now wait, this is Selfridges guys, In this Food hall a jar of honey can cost £20.00 so I’m sure if you went to another supermarket you could buy a fish of the same weight for about £11.00, which is what I should of done it’s just I’m lazy and irresponsible.


Take your fish home, unwrap him and lay him out on a large piece of tinfoil on a oven tray. The tinfoil needs to be cut big enough to cover the entire fish and make a sort of parcel if you like.

Wait! Can I just say I can never look a fish in the eye, it kinda makes me feel alittle sad, almost like it’s got a story to tell. Now I know this fish is probably thinking, “Bitch please, I’ve got a story for you! I was swimming along happily, then I got caught, I got killed, and now you’re covering me in crap and sticking me in a flaming hot oven! Frickin story to tell, I’ll give you a frickin story!!!”
Oh crap listen fish I’m gonna season you well and I promise you will taste awesome so your life will not have been in vain.

As I write this I do realise whoever is reading this will think this chick has actually lost the plot. She is writing dialogue for a flipping fish. Yep, problems.


Chop up your garlic cloves and along with your sea salt rub them all over the fish into the slits and pop some inside too. Then do the same with the rosemary and thyme and then drizzle the fish with olive oil.

Then wrap this baby up and pop him in the oven for 22 minutes on 180C /350F/Gas Mark 4 for fan assisted ovens. (Your cooking time obviously varies depending on the size of your fish so make sure you ask your local fishmonger how long your fish will take to cook.)


So whilst your fish is cooking time to whip up this quick and easy sauce.Grab your 4 tomatoes.

Chop them up along with your two garlic cloves and pop them in a small frying pan with generous lashings of olive oil and leave to simmer for 10 minutes


Then add in your juice of one lemon your bag of fresh basil leaves and season with salt and a sprinkle of sugar to take away the tanginess of the lemon.Leave to simmer for a further 4 minutes.

After your 22 minutes is up whip this baby out of the oven.


Pour over your tomato and Basil sauce and serve up baby!


Your fish should fall of the bone and you should be able to easily lift it off the meat like so. Seriously when you eat Sea bass that has been cooked whole and on the bone, the flavours and succulence of the fish will BLOW YOUR MIND I’m not kidding here guys, plus it’s healthy too! Nommmmmmmmmmm!


Oh and one last thing, so….like I said, the dinner was super healthy so I had to kinda even things out with these babies. I saw them on the way home and my eyes lit up; they took me straight back to my childhood days. Who remembers strawberry laces, I was slightly addicted, those and dib dabs; remember it had the lolly with the sherbet? Ahhhhhhhh dib dabs…………drool……..


Strawberry laces for dessert, I’m so happy ooooooohweeeeeeee!!! I swear I never grew up!
B xx

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