Tommi’s Burger Joint

28 February, 2013


We’ve all been there, its the previous evening and what started out as just a couple of cocktails ended up being four, mixed with two glasses of champagne and wait did somebody just shout shots? Yeah why not, I’ll have a one, oh wait, what is that tequilla you say? I can handle it, yeah course!

I cannot handle it.

I’m not really a drinker and despite some of the recipes I’ve posted on here most of the time I eat pretty healthy but then there are some days when after a night of debauchery all you want is a dirty burger with fries. Now you don’t wanna stoop down to Macdonalds or Burger King kinda dirty but you still want full on Burger Porn!

Well for that I’d have to say Tommi’s Burger Joint in Marylebone ticks that box. I don’t know what it is about their burgers but they just taste like you feel a good quality burger should. I think its a combination of the quality of meat and the bread bun, its just perfect and today this was exactly what I needed. If you haven’t been there yet you must. There’s alot of competiton in London regarding the best burger joint/restaurant. Pattyandbun round the corner on James Street is another excellent choice, the burgers and fries there look abit more fancy but I don’t care if the burgers aren’t picture perfect as long as they taste amazing and for me that why Tommi’s fits the bill.


My cheese and bacon burger hmmmmmm


My friend ordered the “Burger of the month” which consisted off stilton cheese, BBQ glaze, garlic slaw and red onion. Definitely no kissing after that burger!


Hello lover…



The decor is pretty retro with old school movie posters on the walls. It’s a pretty small venue too but still feels warm and welcoming and the staff are super friendly. Really, I dropped a can of coke on the floor and it went everywhere, I apologised profusely but the lady just laughed and said, “please don’t worry about it shit happens.” Well exactly!

B xx

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