10 June, 2013

This hotel clearly needs no introduction although I’ve visited Atlantis The Palm  a couple of times before this was the first time I actually stayed there. You almost feel sorry for all the other hotels as you drive up the winding road towards the huge entrance, you enter in an almost trance like state as the size of the thing pretty much overwhelmes you.


As with most places in Dubai the staff greet you with such warmth they make you feel as though you’re their  long lost family member and you’ve just arrived for the reunion party. Now I’ve been lucky enough to visit some beautiful places in my time but there’s something about this place that makes you NEVER WANT TO LEAVE, next time I’ll rememeber to pack my padlock and chains so I can chain myself to one of the sunloungers!

Hotel : Atlantis The Palm

Star Rating : Five Star

For three ladies this was the perfect sized room, they give you the option of adding another bed to the room but it really wasn’t needed.


And the bathroom was pretty sweet too, the shower was incredible…


So as with every holiday ritual the first thing we did was strip off into our bikinis and head straight to the beach, but we had to make one stop before hand and that was to the Atlantis Aqua Park . You pretty much feel like a kid again as you shoot down huge waterslides or sit in huge inflatable rings that take you on a little adventure around the resort whilst getting splashed continuously. If you’re staying in the resort than the aqua park is free if not then I thing it’s about £30 for a day out there.

Another must do when staying in the Atlantis is swimming with Dolphins at Dolphin Bay, I think thats on everyone’s bucket list of things they wish to do in life. Again you don’t have to be staying in the hotel to experience a day with these wonderful creatures but if you are staying in the Atlantis you’ll find it’s alot cheaper. They charge 525 Dirhams which works out to be about £90 for a full hour with the dolphins which is not such a bad deal.

After being completely soaked, traumatised and shot out with waterguns the entire morning in the waterpark we retired to the beach…


We all bought a coconut each and reclined into our sunloungers to enjoy the sunshine, BUT there was one problem, the coconut water tasted awful! Atlantis whats up with your coconuts? Sort it out please! It couldn’t have just been our three coconuts, or could it? Maybe there’s some sort of coconut conspiracy happening in the resort? I’m obsessed with coconut water and I drink it every single day so I know my coconuts! Anyhoo…lets move on from coconuts.

Night life

Monday nights

So Mondays nights are pretty quiet in Dubai but that doesn’t mean there’s nowhere to go. A great spot to hit up is Buddha Bar which is located in Grosvernor House so thats where the girls and I went.


My dress is from Topshop, my bag is from Zara and my heels are from Christian Louboutin


Why is there always one clown who ends up in the background of your photo looking like he’s Where’s Wally ha! Noela’s black dress is from Asos and Melisa’s dress is Vintage



My loves….

I do have to mention one last thing about Buddha bar and thats the toilets, they’re so bloody clean and they smell incredible! I don’t have a toilet fetish or anything it’s just you feel as if you’re walking into a spa every time you go to take a pee.


Seriously every time I stepped into the toilets I felt as if I should strip down naked and lay on the cold hard floor whilst I awaited to have my full Thai body massage; no such luck just a toilet attendant handing out towels to dry your hands. Never mind Bexy you can’t win em all.

Another good spot to go to on a Monday night is Dubai Marina Yatch Club

Tuesday nights

Tuesday night is ladies night in Dubai so there’s alot of choice out there, the current hotspot is Mahiki which is located in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel


I prefer Mahiki’s in London to this one, the reason; someone needs to have a quiet word in the DJ’s ear and let him know it’s 2013 and just because it’s ladies night you don’t need to mix a Spice Girls song or even a S Club 7 song into the equation every so often on your set. News Flash women like hip hop and house just as much as the boys do.

The girls and I didn’t go clubbing every night because we’re kind of all abit past that now, there’s only so much clubbing you can do; even on holiday. But if you’re intending to head out there soon here’s the hotspots for  Wednesday and Thursday nights from good authority from my friends who live out there, and remember Thursday night in Dubai is like a Friday night in the UK as their weekend starts on Thursday..

Wednesday Nights and Thursday nights


For the rest of the holiday we were beach bums, as lets be honest thats not a bad thing when the beach is this place…


Don’t even ask, yes we are drinking two pints of Heineken it’s not our usual drink but we were persuaded to try it and if I’m honest with a dash of lime it wasn’t half bad!

My bikini is from American Apparel and my sunglasses are from Prada. Noelas sunglasses are Dior, and I’m not too sure where her bikinis from sorry!

The food beach/pool side is pretty yummy too…


Chicken Ceaser


Tomato and buffalo mozarella Salad

Obviously it’s only the guests staying in the hotel who can use the beach in the Atlantis but if you turn right and walk afew meters you will come to find the beautiful Nasimi Beach which is free to anyone outside of the resort to come and use. It kind of has the same feel as the Blue Marlin in Ibiza/Dubai.



I didn’t want to leave this place. Minimum spend for one of the beds is 500 Dirhams which works out to be about £90.00 for your group, which is easily acheivable after a couple of Mojito’s.


Rule of any holiday on the second to last day, thou needs to bring an awkward monokini that will give you terrible tan lines………… My monokini is from La Perla and my sunglasses are Ray Bans


Noela turned into a fully fledged yogi on this holiday…..

Activities Sight Seeing

Another must see in Dubai is the souks (traditional Arab markets ) of which there are many,  on the last day we chose to go to the beautiful Madinat Souk in Jumeirah You’ll find many hidden gems in there, alots of gift ideas to take home too. I bought this beautiful bracelet.


On the very last day I sat with my feet dipping into the cool sea and seriously contemplated going to a hardware store to see about those padlock and chains, maybe I could have chained myself and my  friends to one of the sunloungers?


So there you have it your ultimate guide to Dubai I’m sat here typing away on my laptop wishing I’d extended my stay because this so called “summer” we’re having in London is doing zero for my spirit at the moment!

Happy Monday guys xx

B xx

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