The top ten best coffee table books in the world

19 March, 2013

Ok so maybe not in the world (I mean if you wanna get all matter a fact about it)….kinda suckered you in with that title. Sorry random person who clicked on this thinking, “finally a special survey has been conducted to find out this answer!”  this is actually just my opinion.


In my eyes if you have a coffee table in your living room you NEED to have a beautiful coffee table book to accompany it . Imagine having huge breasts and thinking you don’t need to wear a bra, you HAVE to wear a bra otherwise your breasts will become saggy and erm…. oh my God where am I going with this!!!????

Basically what I’m trying to say is just as much as a pair of large double D’s need a bra a coffee table needs an amazing coffee table book. Hmmmm maybe that wasn’t the best analogy, the worrying thing is, that was honestly the first comparison that came into my mind, but in my defence I have just been underwear shopping so maybe that’s why?

Annnnnyway here are my top ten picks guaranteed to pimp out your coffee table.



Kate Moss by Mario Testino Buy here  (Also comes in a white cover)

GVstav klimt

Gustav Klimt – The Complete Paintings buy here A collection of this famous artists work


Mario Testino in your face buy here Yep I know, another Testino but how can you not want a book with this cover on your coffee table.


7_-TOM-FORD!!Tom Ford Buy here I know everyone and their mother has this book now, me included but I still love it and my coffee table wouldn’t be without it.


Love looks not with the eyes  by Anne Deniau (Thirteen years with Lee Alexander McQueen) buy here


The little black jacket Chanel’s classic revisted By Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld buy here


Louis Vutton Art Fashion and Architecture buy here Well this is abit bouji isn’t it.



Marilyn Monroe by Norman Mailer and Bert Stern Buy here 


The secret of Chanel No.5 by Tilar J Mazzeo Buy here This book is not the usual coffee table book size but whether you place it alone or onto a pile of say two or three books, I think the cover does it justice.


Jimmy Choo Icons by Tamara Mellon Buy here For girls who like kick ass heels

So there you have it, I hope you were able to see at least one you loved. I could of added at least ten more to be honest as there are so many more to chose from but these were the first few I fell in love with.

B xx

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