30 October, 2013

Hello, anybody there? Just me and a cup of Bamboo tea here.  Bamboo tea you ask? Well…

rl bamboo 2

I’m not usually one to adhere to apparent miracle hair and beauty products but…..

Wait. Sigh…I wish that were true but the truth is I’m the fool who reads that random article (advert pretending to be an article) in the Daily Mail; Daily Fail, whichever name you prefer? You know the ones, a just discovered new ‘miracle cream’ that hails from the Amazonian rainforest and has been the secret to the Amazonian women’s flawless skin for generations. Apparently it’s given Shirley from Staines a “new found glow” and Julie from Bayswater no longer has any crows feet, and now I’m sold! I’m off, marching straight to Selfridge’s department store with my credit card in hand ready to buy something I Don’t. Even. Need? Welcome to my confused and complex world. When it comes to skincare I tend to get alittle discombobulated and hugely overwhelmed. But when it comes to hair, oh I know my shiz about hair.

As some of you may know I went through a minor hair trauma when I was younger so whenever I here or read of a new miracle hair product that claims to help hair with growth, strength and thickness I have to try it out for myself.

I already knew of the wonderful effects Silica brought to your hair, skin and nails  and I still  take silica supplements myself but after more online research I found that Bamboo contains the highest concentration (70% to be exact) and therefore is the most powerful form of Silica to consume.  I also found that alongside strengthening our hair and nails silica plays a huge role in re-building the collagen we lose as we age. WHAT!? I know. We are all born with an abundance of silica in our bodies which slowly depletes as we age, thats why children have soft , glowing skin and silky, strong hair.

To find out more on how beneficial it is to include silica in your everyday life click  here

So, bearing all of this in mind I of course had to introduce bamboo silica into my daily regime. The fastest way for silica to be absorbed into out bodies is through liquid form so it makes sense that Bamboo leaf tea would be and continues to be the most popular choice of consumption. All I needed to do now was find a reputable company to buy my necessities from which is how I came across this website.  So like the savvy little blogger I am (I’m not at all savvy and I hate the word “savvy”)  I approached the company to see if they wouldn’t mind sending me a sample in an exchange for an honest review on my blog. This isn’t a sponsored post and the company isn’t paying me to write a gleaming review, then again they don’t really need me to as the product speaks for itself.

I recieved the below package in the post around two weeks after I first approached the seller. I’ve had this all for some time now but I wanted to write an honest review and see if I could really see any benefits over a two and a half month period. The lady kindly sent me the Hair, Skin and Nails Makeover Deluxe Package which contains bamboo silica supplements and bamboo infused hemp oil aswell as the tea.


By’eck thats some quality camera skills you’ve got there Bexy! (If anyone’s hoping my photography skills will get better in time I really don’t know if they ever will. I know. :( )


The tea is caffeine free and actually tastes nice too; not at all like green tea, which tastes foul and for those of you who say they do like it  I believe you’re  either lying or possibly aliens?


After my 2 and a half months was up I can’t say I noticed significant hair growth but if I’m honest, for my hair, 2 and half months isn’t enough time to really see the effects, it definitely grew, just not at an alarming rate. I did notice an added thickness to my hair and I also noticed the baby hairs around my hairline growing far more than usual. For me personally, after reading the reviews of so many other long-term devotee’s of Bamboo silica and  researching the scientifical evidence that Bamboo silica provides our hair skin and nails with essential nutrients I will absolutely be including this supplement into my daily regime for the rest of my life. So if anyone’s looking for an alternative solution or maybe you’re trying out supplements in general for the first time  I’d absolutely recommend you incorporating this into your lifestyle and seeing  for yourself the benefits bamboo silica can bring.

Oh and for the ladies who email me regarding black hair, as I’ve said before I have mixed hair so I cannot speak for every hair type out there, I just speak of whats worked for me and when I’ve noticed significant growth and thickness. For black hair care  this ladies blog which I came across online whilst researching Bamboo silica is another example dispelling the myth that black hair doesn’t grow, you can actually purchase the Bamboo leaf tea from her own blog too, just click here. Yes european and mixed hair may be stronger in some cases but if your hair is continuing to grow from the roots in your head your hair is growing it’s just black hair tends to be so much more fragile then the rest but as long as you put in the  effort of protecting and moisturising your ends and you are CONSISTENT with your hair care regime you can and will one day flick your hair back and forth too, have faith!

So if any of you want to jump on the Bamboo Leaf tea bandwagon you can purchase this gem straight from the website below.

I guess  it’s safe to say I’m a bamboo leaf tea convert.


B xx

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