The Magic Review

16 February, 2013


So about a month ago I was given a book called “The Magic” by Rhona Byrne. I already did a post about it here.

Then I realized erm Bex hellooooo, when you write a book review you do actually need to have read the book first. (These shitty new bloggers, they don’t have a clue about how to format a blog post, yep I’m one of them. Forgive me!) I’m not usually the type of person that pays any attention to these type of self help books but I thought sod it, what harm can it do?

So anyway here I am; it may be a tad past the 28 days mark, but I’ve finally sat down and wrote my review.

I personally think this book came into my life at exactly the right time. The past year hadn’t been one of my best and I didn’t feel grateful for a lot if I’m being honest.


Each day you’re given a daily task to remind you to feel grateful for different aspects of your life, before you do this at the very start of each day you have to write down 10 things you’re grateful and thankful for, it can be literally anything. I actually found this quite hard which goes to show how thankful I was feeling about my life. The book even gives you suggestions if you can’t think of anything, I felt like a total fruit loop writing down her suggestions such as, “I’m so thankful and grateful for the stars in the sky.” Its just felt abit new age hippy for my liking, despite this I soldiered on, if I’m honest I only did this because I knew I’d already done a blog post saying I was about to read it and would be posting my review soon.


I’d say it wasn’t until after the first week of doing this practice everyday that I started to notice small differences in my life. I realized the book was teaching me to become grateful for the many things I already had in my life and as I was beginning to feel more grateful and thankful more opportunities for me to be grateful for seemed to appear, it was weird. I know most of us know this by now but to embed new positive thinking patterns into our minds and inevitably improve our lives we have to re-train our brain, and the only way to do this is by constant repetition, so this is basically what this book does.

People like to blame their current situations on anything but themselves; I did it myself for a long time.  Whether they use their upbringing, a bad relationship, being dealt a bad hand in life, it’s always everybody’s fault but their own.

This book reminded me that your state of mind is so important; to live a happy positive life you need a happy positive outlook. When you’re bitter and you complain and feel sorry for yourself you draw similar people like that towards you and more situations for you to complain and feel crappy and bitter about. Where as if you’re happy, grateful and positive you draw more of these people towards you and more situations for you to be happy, positive and grateful about. It really is that simple.

If anybody reading this post is in a rut with life in general why not give this book a try? It helped to remind me how blessed I really am in so many areas of my life, sure I’m not 100% where I want to be in life but I do know the only way I’ll get there is by continuing to feel grateful for what I already have.

We’re halfway through February, and like they say, your new year doesn’t really start until Spring (I actually don’t think “they” do say this, I just made it up now, but it’s a nice theory so I’m running with it!) so maybe this book can be your new year pick me up too.



B xx

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