The 30 day Bikram yoga challenge

6 May, 2013

I have a confession to make, I have never exercised in my life; apart from maybe the odd time I’ve ventured into a gym with one of my friends with the full intention of exercise but subsequently spent most of the time leaning against the gym equipment gossiping about men. (Hmmmm yep I know, not good!) Anyway I decided this year it was high time I started to incorporate some sort of exercise routine into my life, I mean I’m not getting any younger! (Well maybe in spirit!) So what do I do, settle in gently with a slow paced thighs, bums and tums class on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Nope I decide to go head first into a hardcore 30 day Bikram yoga challenge.

What in the actual f**********k!


Christ I mean look at my face, this was taken just before my first class and you can tell I’m already plotting ways to stop this even happening in my mind.
But wait stick around because this whole yoga thing actually ended up being a good idea, I know, fancy that!

Ok, now I don’t feel so bad about my first facial expression. Lisa looks like she’s just remembered she left the iron on here.

So why Bikram yoga you ask, well my good friend the gorgeous Lisa Hong who’s sat next to me in these photos is a Bikram Yoga teacher at Bikram city, and I’ve seen with my very own eyes how Bikram yoga has literally CHANGED HER LIFE, in ever sense of the word.

Bikram consists of 26 different postures and two breathing exercises repeated twice in a heated 40 degree room, yep 40 degree’s, hence my get up pictured above. Don’t roll up to class in your usual gym gear, wear as little as possible trust me you will be thankful for it.

The class lasts approximately 90 minutes and is designed for everyone, from all ages to all shapes and sizes. I was very self-conscious in my first class thinking, “everyone will be watching meeeeee, I’m about as flexible as a plank of wood oh nooooo” but as soon as I was mid-way through my first class I realised no-one gave a crap what I was doing, everyone is just concentrating on perfecting their own posture’s whilst listening to the words of the teacher who talks constantly throughout the 90 minute class to guide you.

I will say when you start Bikram yoga you’ll find that everyone who’s done it before will say to you, “Oh my God you’ll feel amazing, your body becomes so flexible, you’ll feel exhilarated, oh wow just wow Bikram rocks wow Bikram woo wooooooo!!!” So because of said comments I had high hopes of looking something like this after my first class…


But the reality was more this…


But it was ok because no-one looks attractive after Bikram yoga, really no-one.

Anyway I stuck with it and slowly but surely my body did become more flexible, my mind a hell of alot clearer and more focused then it ever has been (trust me you don’t even wanna know what goes on in there) and although yes I know I didn’t really have weight to lose my body became more toned and my bum more pert!

High five’s all round for pert backsides!!!!!

So apart from the physical benefits Bikram gives you it also helps with a multitude of other things which are listed below.

  • Thyroid problems to weight loss
  • Stress to insomnia
  • Diabetes to knee problems
  • Kidney conditions to heart disease,
  • Depression
  • Blood pressure
  • Arthritis to back pain

I’ll leave it to the pro to show you some of the postures you do in class…


Standing bow pulling pose


The Toe Stand

Yoga 1

The advanced camel

Did I mention Lisa met her boyfriend through yoga? After seeing postures like this it’s not hard to see what swung him.

yoga 2

Oh and if you still need some convincing that Bikram yoga is for you just look at the before and after pictures of my friend here. I really admire Lisa for following her heart, she decided to quit her boring stuffy office job which so many women dream of doing and flew to LA to learn how to become a fully qualified Bikram yoga teacher and now she’s the happiest most positive bunny you’ll ever meet, seriously her energy is infectious, alittle crazy but still infectious. See so it doesn’t just happen in the movies!

For all newbies to the world of Bikram yoga Bikram city offer the 30 day challenge for £35. If Bikram every day for 30 days straight sounds too extreme for you, you can still reap the benefits of only paying £35 for an entire month of Bikram classes and just go when it suits you. Even if you only go three times a week to start with you should still be able to feel and see the benefits.

So overall I’m so happy I decided to give Bikram a go it really is a workout that not only changes your body but it changes your entire outlook on life too, I’m serious!  I realised the only thing stopping me from accomplishing anything was myself.

B xx

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