health and fitness

I have a confession to make, I have never exercised in my life; apart from maybe the odd time I’ve ventured into a gym with one of my friends with the full intention of exercise but subsequently spent most of the time leaning against the gym equipment gossiping about men. (Hmmmm yep I know, not good!) Anyway I decided this year it was high time I started to incorporate some sort of exercise routine into my life, I mean I’m not getting any younger! (Well maybe in spirit!) So what do I do, settle in gently with a slow paced thighs, bums and tums class on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Nope I decide to go head first into a hardcore 30 day Bikram yoga challenge.

What in the actual f**********k!


Christ I mean look at my face, this was taken just before my first class and you can tell I’m already plotting ways to stop this even happening in my mind.
But wait stick around because this whole yoga thing actually ended up being a good idea, I know, fancy that!