Fried Chicken

I’m sorry.

Why on earth am I thrusting fried chicken infront of your face in bikini season? I’ll tell you why, because I’m weak and have no self control thats why! I actually used my blog as an excuse to make this, “I mean what kind of cooking blog doesn’t include fried chicken? Whoooo doesn’t like fried chicken? (vegetarians, people who live a healthy lifestyle, people who don’t like chicken, weirdos. Just kidding!!) So thats settled fried chicken it is!”

Yep that’s pretty much how it went down.


If this redeems me at all I didn’t thoroughly fry the chicken, I went down a slightly less “heart attack-ish” route and fried the chicken until golden brown┬áthen I finished it off in the oven so it’s not as bad for you as you would think. Oh and erm… I served it with mustard mashed potato and homemade coleslaw. If you read that really fast we can pretend I said a side salad with lemon juice garnish instead argggggh!