coffee table books

Oh man, here I am back once again with another bi-polar post! If only I could be one of those bloggers who just focus on one or two subjects, but alas I am me, my brain just doesn’t work like that. I’m obsessed with so many different things, my mind has a proclivity to jump around randomly like a grasshopper from one subject to the next, but one thing that I do love to spend hours upon hours drooling over is coffee table porn.


Beautiful coffee table books are my weakness, the problem is once you think you’ve seen them all you haven’t, there’s more! Then there’s candles, sigh…..Bitches love candles, and flowers, ugh, I have an obsession with flowers. Of course, what woman doesn’t love a freshly bought bouquet of flowers but some of the artificial flowers you can buy these days are also pretty spectacular. I’m not talking shitty Ikea artificial flowers or those dodgy looking ones you find in bric and brac shops or market stalls stuck in the fake soil in a cheap pot, I’m talking beautiful, fully bloomed, colourful flowers that look so unbelievably real anyone who comes to my apartment thinks they actually are. I’m telling yoooou! *Jennifer Hudson voice*

Anyhooo I thought I’d firstly show you how I pimped out my own coffee table in the picture’s directly after the jump and then below those are afew photos of stylish coffee tables I’ve come across the tin-ternet.



Ok so maybe not in the world (I mean if you wanna get all matter a fact about it)….kinda suckered you in with that title. Sorry random person who clicked on this thinking, “finally a special survey has been conducted to find out this answer!”  this is actually just my opinion.


In my eyes if you have a coffee table in your living room you NEED to have a beautiful coffee table book to accompany it . Imagine having huge breasts and thinking you don’t need to wear a bra, you HAVE to wear a bra otherwise your breasts will become saggy and erm…. oh my God where am I going with this!!!????