cake batter popcorn

Cake batter Popcorn

15 May, 2013

Yikes, so the last time I posted was May 8th, I’m crap, I know. To be honest a couple of things are happening in my life at the moment that are taking up alot more time than I anticipated, but their good things, change is always a good thing, I hope! My goal with this blog is to write three new blog posts per week, that’s the aim and it’s doable so I need to get my bum in gear and prioritise! I wanted this little space on the internet to be a place where we could all bond over food porn and other such things from the creative realm and maybe in the future talk about other life issues that we all come across at some stage in our lives. I love the sense of community blogging brings and even though I’m a newbie blogger and have only been blogging for six months I’ve already built some great friendships and hope to build many more.

So anyway I just thought I’d clear afew things up and for those of you thinking, bitch I just clicked on this post for a recipe not a philosophical outlook on whats going on with your life and what your hopes and dreams are!! Whoops yep I hear you, ok lets go!

Popcorn plus cake batter lets make this happen!