I’ve never really hung out in Angel before; although I have a couple of friends who live there I’m really a west end girl at heart. So anyway on one random Friday afternoon and one Sunday evening that’s exactly what ended up happening. We spent the whole day shopping, eating and drinking in Angel and you know what it wasn’t half bad.


I started off the day with my friend Lisa and we went to a cute Japanese restaurant called Tenshi which is just five minutes walk from Angel underground. Can I get props for my menu posing skills?



Sea bass and I have a history, like a deep and meaningful history. The type of history that makes you feel all warm and gooey inside. I mean I know I play the field with players like bacon, sausages and other fried delicious feasts on occasion but Sea bass really has my heart. Especially in the summer, so now the sun has finally decided to make an appearance it felt only right to make this….


Now not only is this dish super healthy, it’s also super easy to make. To me this is the perfect dish to cook to impress, so ladies or gents if you’re trying to wow a potential new suitor or you just fancy showing off your badass cooking skills to your significant other who thought your culinary skills could only stretch to beans on toast, this dish is IT.