Bacon is bad for you! The thing is bacon just told me that it couldn’t give a flying f**k because it knows how good it tastes. Damn you bacon you’re like the bad boy girls know they should stay away from but they just can’t resist. Every time I tell bacon our relationship is over it just laughs because it knows I’ll be back, it’s just so crispy and salty and awesome,¬†plus (PLUS!)¬†with it you can make things like this….


Before we go any further I do have to stress I DO NOT eat this kind of thing every weekend, I thought this would of been pretty obvious until a friend saw these pictures and said to me, “Babe! Do you eat like that every weekend, with the two potato cakes and everything!” That’s like seeing me eating a Big Mac on a random weekend and asking if I eat like that all the time and asking why am I eating both the burgers in the bun?! This is a once in a blue moon kinda breakfast, like a twice a year kinda thing as lets be honest its not the healthiest, but baby it tastes good, get it? Course you do! Okayyyyyy let’s go!