Style Steal: Mirander Kerr

7 January, 2013

Last year I fell in love, and I fell hard. Although it was the kind of love that still left me feeling incomplete. The reason why (If any of you care enough to wonder that is) is because I fell in love with another womans wardrobe, and I felt that my life would not be complete until all her clothes were hangin in my own closet.


Ok thats a slight exaggeration but seriously Mirander Kerr just did it for me last year. Every time I saw another photo of her in the press I just thought; Ugh! how does this woman get it so right every time? I mean can’t she just have the odd day where she gets papped out and about wearing a velour Juicy Couture tracksuit teamed with some silver Ugg boots? Or maybe she’d be papped coming out of KFC with a family size bucket of chicken and her adorable baby son Flynn would be crying  in her arms whilst deliriously flapping a chicken wing around in his hand?  Ok yes, yes I know that would never happen and in all honesty I wouldn’t want it too. Personally I love to see women making an effort on a day to day basis, it just makes me feel happy to see pretty things around me; does that make me sound abit shallow? I’m just being honest…

I know certain people will say well if I had her money I could dress the same as her but I disagree, its not about the money its about having style. We’ve all seen woman who have bags of money but can’t throw an outfit together to save their life. I personally know some women with children and a busy lifestyle but whenever I see them they still look great and its simply  because some woman have style where as other women have money to buy designer clothes but don’t necessarily have a clue how to put an outfit together. Real style is effortless, I love Miranders style in particular because it’s so simple and clean plus she wears alot of leather and I’m leather obsessed! Not in a freaky S&M way just in  a nice pair of leather trousers or a cute leather jacket kind of way.

Anyway I’ve posted some of my favourite Mirander looks from 2012 below

Miranda-Kerr-in-New-York-1112-3-1[1]Those OTK boots sigh….

Miranda-Kerrs-killer-New-York-style[1]This outfit, I just can’t deal!

Miranda-Kerr-Isabel-Marant-Berry-Embroidered-Ankle-Boots-Upscalehype-NYC[1]Isabel Marant boots I need you in my life!

article-2258223-16C8CADD000005DC-869_634x901[1]Her gorgeous son Flynn just makes this outfit look even better.

1352390136_miranda-kerr-zoom[1]Ok, ok yes I know technically this is not one of her own outfits but seriously come on, you’re telling me you wouldn’t wanna rock this outfit too whilst strutting down the Victoria Secrets runway with Rihanna stood next to you singing “Shine Bright like a Diamond?” Yes. Thats what I thought.

Anyway happy Monday guys :)


B xx

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