Entrepreneurial Spirit: Jessica Herrin Stella&Dot

28 December, 2012


Jessica Herrin is the kind of woman every entrepreneurial woman aims to be like. Not satisfied with being the co-founder of weddingchannel.com, a hugely successful online wedding planning company. A company valued at a hundred million dollars within the first eighteen months of starting. No, Jessica Herrin then decided to set up an award winning online jewellery company called Stella&Dot. A San Francisco based social selling company, which gives other woman like you and I the opportunity to run their own business from their home.

Feeling inspired yet? You know, that feeling you get where you believe that you too are also quite “Steve Job-ish” and that deep down in the recesses of your mind you could also…maybe….kinda….have an amazing entrepreneurial idea like this too! (No, not the toilet roll plus towel rail holder combined idea; you need to let that go!) Well, I too was inspired, now put that cup of coffee and krispy Kreme doughnut down and read on. Oh, wait you don’t eat doughnuts? You poor soul, why? I mean I don’t really either its just I envisaged the person reading this with a cup of coffee and a doughnut, do not ask me why? Maybe subconsciously I wanted a doughnut?  Ok, well put down that ryvita, (you poor thing I’ve been there) apple, celery stick with peanut butter dip or whatever else it is your eating and read on.

Stella&Dot sell directly to customers through an online stylist, meaning they don’t have the physical overhead of shops and department store costs like many other well- known jewellery brands. This allows them to offer an amazing product at amazing value for money to customers with half their line priced under £50/$50. I originally heard about this company through my friend Mariclaire who’s just become an online stylist for the company herself.

Check out some my favourite pieces from their collection below and if you like what you see you can head straight to the website with Mariclaire as your online stylist here.

B xx


Wonderland Charm Bracelet £85 Wonderland Charm Bracelet £85

 Watch Over You Necklace  £55

Watch Over You Necklace £55
Lucky Charm Necklace £32 Lucky Charm Necklace £32 Serenity Small Drops Raspberry Quartz £29 Serenity Small Drops Raspberry Quartz £29

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