Shoryu Ramen: The best ramen noodle bar in London

10 April, 2013

I cannot express to you how good this tasted, I, I, I JUST CAN’T; it was that good people. Please visit this wonderful place, you will be happy when you leave I can promise you that.

Shoryu Ramen

Towards the end of last year real, authentic style ramen noodle bars began to pop up all around london. Finally we didn’t have to deal with God awful noodle soup claiming it was the world famous ramen noodle soup thats so popular. I’m looking at you Japanese Canteen on Marylebone High St, with your dodgy noodle soup that has about as much flavour  as ummm water.  The talk of the town was there were really  only three main contenders….

In each restaurant I ordered the same thing original Tonkotsu ramen noodle soup which is made with pork bone broth thats been simmered for over 20 hours for flavour.

Bone Daddies 30-31 Peter St, London, W1F 0AT

Ok first up, this was my least favourite, for me the broth was TOO rich, it’s hard to describe but it was almost as if the broth was just a bag of pork scratchings that had been blended into a liquid. It wasn’t awful but I was kinda dissapointed as this was the first out of the three I tried and I’d had such high hopes but in the end it was just abit meh.

Tonkotsu 63 Dean Street, London, W1D 4QG

Although this soup had flavour the soup just didn’t seem rich enough, the complete opposite of Bone Daddies. I was wanting a slightly creamier broth and this was nice but it wasn’t IT.

Shoryu Ramen 9 Regent St, London, SW1Y 4LR

Ok so I really saved the best till last. If there was a Shoryu Ramen rain dance I would happily do that dance because God damn it this soup was everything! The broth was AMAZING, just creamy and delicious, not too rich yet not too light. I think I was actually making sexual moaning noises as I consumed every mouthful; I know you can’t take me anywhere.





We ordered two sides to share: Gyoza Dumplings, now these little babies were everything!!


Oh and of course I had to order the soft shell crab and yes it was amazing. (Although I will say I ordered the soft shell crab in Bone Daddies too and it was definitely on par)


Look!!!  I’m still going, it’s the soup that never ends, but I didn’t want it to! I was a hot mess on this particular day, my friend and I walked all the way from Selfridges department store near Bond street to here, not realising that number 9 Regent street was in fact the other end of Regent street all together! It was freezing cold too and we were both tottering around in heels but this soup brought us back to life!



B xx

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