Roy Lichtenstein Exhibition At The Tate Modern

5 March, 2013


So on Sunday my sister and I hit up the Roy Litchenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern gallery. I’ve had a major crush on this man’s work for as long as I can remember, the above painting is probably my favorite then again I don’t knooooooow, I love too many I can’t decide?

There were a mixture of people there  plus the art snobs nodding their heads in their tweed jackets and throwing me looks of disapproval as I  took a quick snap shot of some of the paintings.  I know it said no cameras but with my speedy ninja moves I’d taken the shot and quickly tucked my camera back into my handbag before anyone could do anything about it mwahhaha!

Mad skills.

Anyway the exhibition is running until the 27th May so please get your bums down there you won’t regret it.


Love this one, it reminds me of the Sex And The City episode where Miranda interrupts the two girls in the park and says, “He didn’t call because he’s just not that into you okayyyyyy!!”


I mean ……


Me and a random guy who was also sneakily taking pictures. Actually we were all at it so the tweed jacket brigade needs to chill out!

So anyway if you get the chance to go and see this exhibition before it ends do ittttttt, it’ll be worth it I promise.


B xx

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