Red Dog Saloon

4 April, 2013

I know I’m abit late but over the weekend my friend and I checked out the Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton Square. After seeing afew bloggers mention it and seeing the pictures of the burgers this looked like my kind of place. The thing is, oh God I hate to sound bad here but, ok how should I word this? The food was…ok, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t Holy shit this tastes good kinda food and I felt a little let down because thats what I was hoping for.


Ok so first things first, I chose “The Punisher” burger from the menu. I knew I was going to order this from all the pictures I’d seen on the internet. Next my choice of beverage….


I’m one of those annoying people that when asked what I would like to drink my answer is, “Oooh I don’t knoooooooow, ummm maybe, now let me think…..” So the bartender made up a cocktail for  us! Now I can’t remember what was in this but it reminded me of my first girls holiday in Magaluf (Dear God!) when I was 17. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Hmmm lets move on.


I can’t even smile properly, my pose looks too contrived. This photo tells me everything. I know my, “I’m so happy I have amazing food and drink infront of me face” when I see it and this isn’t it.





The Punisher burger consists of a burger (Obvs) American cheese, pulled pork and honey.



Mikey ordered some chicken thing sorry can’t remember the exact name but I remember his choice words being, “Yeah it’s fine.” Who wants their food to be fine! Fine is such a bland word, give me epic or incredible or (click on thesaurus online to look up even fancier word) Hmmm there wasn’t a fancier word. Ok  lets just go with awesome!


Mikey giving us a pose. Don’t mess with Mikey on anything Mariah Carey or Rihanna related he will win every time.


Mississippi Mud Pie. Oh God here I go again I hate saying bad things but it was ok, if I’m honest it looked better than it tasted, and the bottom biscuit was seriously rock hard. Oh crap I feel awful now.

So there you have it, it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t amazing either it was just ok. I’m still on the hunt for the best American style diner in London and I WILL find it, of that I am sure.


B xx

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