Are you an authentic blogger?

10 February, 2014


I write this title only because I came across a guest post written on one of my favourite websites/blogs by a writer who’d decided to vacate into her own rectum. Her blurb wrote something along the lines of, “Alongside blogging I am a published writer, I am not just a blogger.” I took abit of an offence to that, she may as well have written, “Oh bless you all with your little blogs, but I do this sh*t properly!” To me her statement told me more about herself and her own insecurities than her entire article ever would. I’ve seen other bloggers write similar condescending statements too such as, “I’m a professional blogger and I take what I do seriously.” No kidding love, you take yourself so seriously that I’m now bored and I’m currently leaving your website, bye!

But this all got me thinking, what constitutes anyone nowadays, with the freedom of the world wide web, to say someone can’t be anything other than what they choose to be, and since when did the “Blogging Police” become so PC as to establish what grounds grant you an authentic and legitimate blogger?




Easy Beef STEW

31 January, 2014


Winter always screws with my emotions, not to mention my skin tone; yep us mixed chicks get pasty, pasty come winter time. I don’t know about you but as soon as the cold and dark winter months hit in, all I want to do is eat something hearty, curl up on the sofa, poooooossibly include some alcohol, (always include alcohol) and just lay there, like a stick of broccoli staring gormlessly into the distance whilst I watch trashy TV. Oh wow I sound attractive, but I’m ill, forgive me! Right now I would happily hibernate on my sofa until the summer. I’m not a winter girl, the whole, “oh wow look at the snow isn’t it pretty!!” That’s not me, God no, I’m more of a, “oh wow look at this beach and look at my sun lounger isn’t it fetch!!” Yep, more me.

Lasagne, cottage pie, stew chicken, stew anything thats Bexy come winter time, I’m really not that hard to figure out. Yesterday I went with beef stew served with mashed potato, seriously mashed potato and I need to get a room because I cannot control myself when I’m around it. It’s just so soft, so thick, so creamy, so sexual?

Hmmm, okayyyy. Recipe after the jump!



Homemade kale chips

29 January, 2014

So, how the January diet going? Are you still getting up an extra half an hour early just to bust some squats? Or perhaps you’re avoiding your daily morning coffee loaded with copius amounts of sugar? (Pret a manger cappucino I love you, I miss you! :( Never forget.) Then there’s the carbs, I assume you’re drastically cutting down on all of the dreaded BPP’s – bread, pasta, potatoes.

Well, if you haven’t done any of the above and you’re currently reading this blogpost whilst munching on the rubbish chocolates nobody ever eats at the bottom of the selection box because some idiot brought their left over chocolate dregs from christmas into the office, (selfish bastards) then I need to introduce you to something.


All hail the Kale! (chip.) I know, I know I’m sorry….



Oh man, here I am back once again with another bi-polar post! If only I could be one of those bloggers who just focus on one or two subjects, but alas I am me, my brain just doesn’t work like that. I’m obsessed with so many different things, my mind has a proclivity to jump around randomly like a grasshopper from one subject to the next, but one thing that I do love to spend hours upon hours drooling over is coffee table porn.


Beautiful coffee table books are my weakness, the problem is once you think you’ve seen them all you haven’t, there’s more! Then there’s candles, sigh…..Bitches love candles, and flowers, ugh, I have an obsession with flowers. Of course, what woman doesn’t love a freshly bought bouquet of flowers but some of the artificial flowers you can buy these days are also pretty spectacular. I’m not talking shitty Ikea artificial flowers or those dodgy looking ones you find in bric and brac shops or market stalls stuck in the fake soil in a cheap pot, I’m talking beautiful, fully bloomed, colourful flowers that look so unbelievably real anyone who comes to my apartment thinks they actually are. I’m telling yoooou! *Jennifer Hudson voice*

Anyhooo I thought I’d firstly show you how I pimped out my own coffee table in the picture’s directly after the jump and then below those are afew photos of stylish coffee tables I’ve come across the tin-ternet.