Out and about in Angel

1 May, 2013

I’ve never really hung out in Angel before; although I have a couple of friends who live there I’m really a west end girl at heart. So anyway on one random Friday afternoon and one Sunday evening that’s exactly what ended up happening. We spent the whole day shopping, eating and drinking in Angel and you know what it wasn’t half bad.


I started off the day with my friend Lisa and we went to a cute Japanese restaurant called Tenshi which is just five minutes walk from Angel underground. Can I get props for my menu posing skills?

Tenshi doesn’t claim to be fancy it just gives you exactly what you need good, honest Japanese food and maaaannnnn did it taste good!

We both ordered the salmon bento box which gives you a selection of abit of everything and at around £12.00 a head it’s not too steep on the pocket either. Oh and for anyone with a beady eye  yes that is a gorgeous Chanel bag in the corner my friend Lisa has about fithteen of them, all in different colours, shapes and sizes which is frankly just NOT fair!


Lisa giving us a pose.

Look at the tempura, look at the teriyaki salmon, look at the, ugh just look!!!

tenshi 1_2

Now you see it….

tenshi 2

Now you…yeah you get the picture..

Next we headed to the bar that has no name on 69 Colebrook Row. For any of you still yet to go there this place already has a reputation for serving the most quirky and experimental cocktails in London.

I mean look at this! It’s called the Prarie Oyster and yes this is a flippin cocktail, I didn’t want to drink it, it looked too pretty and I felt someone must have taken such a long time to create it that it didn’t seem fair that I was just about to devour it in two seconds flat. The yolk isn’t actual yolk of course inside is tomato juice and spices and it tastes delicious. It’s kinda  like a bloody Mary and you take the shot as you would eat an oyster. We all consumed two each in five seconds flat.


The sides weren’t bad either, it beats a bowl of peanuts anyday. I didn’t take pictures of inside the venue itself because I’m abit rubbish, sorry about that, but the place is small and only fits thirty. The venue has a 1920’s vibe and all the staff are dressed in smart white blazers just like they used to in the twenties and their all super friendly.

So onto Sunday evening. I met the girls for a quick catch up and we ended up going to Naamyaa which is an amazing Thai restaurant in Angel.

We ordered in the cocktails


Then came the starters chicken wings and calamari yum!


When we get together we’re all extra social just chat,chat,chat. *ahem* ladies.


I ordered the soft shell crab which was delicious.

That’s better ladies. (I spy Chanel bag number two in the corner Lisa grrrr!)

After filling our bellys we headed out into Shoreditch for a couple of cocktails then retired home, Sunday nights aren’t as crazy as they used to be these days! So anyway if you ever venture near the Angel/Islington area check these places out, you won’t be dissapointed I promise.

B xx

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