MY Living room Decor with pops of pink

7 June, 2014

Ok, so part two of my pops of pink theme.

Now technically, in my apartment my living room should actually be the bedroom but I decided to swap that around as my clothes and shoes took up far too much space, literally! So because of said swap my living room is kinda small but I’ve styled it as best I can. Of course if I was working with a much larger space I’d have the obligatory huge comfy sofa unit which every living room needs and I think I’d maybe display huge colourful canvases on the wall to add some more warmth.  I’m hardly here and as I’ll be moving soon I thought this was a better time then any to take some snap shots of this small little room for memory sake and future inspiration.

Anyway check out how I infuse some pops of pink into the room.


The Muhammad Ali underwater print by Flip Schulke is one of my all time favourites. I’m a tad obsessed with this man; as are many more, but to me this particular photo captures his iconic form and essence in all its glory.


The picture on the charcoal wall is a Basquiat print entitled Tuxedo I orginally wanted the print with the lighter background pictured below but I was only able to source the one above but now I have it I actually think this print suits the room more anyway.



The chicago style lamp is from Made and I’m as in love with it now as I was when I very first bought it. I’ve just checked  their website and they still have it in stock if anyone’s loving this as much as I am.

I’d been eyeing up an exact replica from John Lewis for quite some time but at £450 compared to Made’s £169 this one was the obvious winner so as soon as I saw it come onto the site I snapped this baby uppppp!


The music sheet canvas is one of my own. It’s one of my all time favourite songs “A Change Is Gonna Come” by the great Sam Cooke.




The above print is by the awesome photographer Lyle Owerko, you can check out more of his work here I outlined the print with florescent pink gaffer tape and to me against the black and white back ground it really makes the image pop. I’m currently waiting on a extra skinny black frame to put the image into, but when the frame arrives the pink gaffer tape will most definitely still be staying because I’m just abit gangster like that. Oh yes.

I came across the idea from the awesome blog  if you’re looking for inspiration, her blog is most definitely it!






The large white picture frame is from The White Company and I posted where the coffee table books are from in a previous post.



So there you have it, pops of pink all up in your Saturday morning. Hopefullly you were able to find something that inspired you here too!


B xx


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