Mr Brainwash is, “That Guy”

27 February, 2013


Mr-Brainwash profile

Have you heard of Mr Brainwash? His real name is Thierry Guettahe was born  in Paris but now resides in  Los Angeles. He’s a  street artist and his work is seriously dope.

He started out filming the infamous street artist Banksy to make a documentry about street art, but the documentry didn’t quite go to plan and Banksy had to end up re-editing the whole thing himself. He suggested Thierry should try out street art for himself, which he did. He became an over night success, selling his work for thousands. His first solo exhibition held at the Old Sorting Office on New Oxford Street in London was pretty epic and I’m still holding out for one of his pieces to be hanging in my home, somewhere sigh……. Take a look at some of my favourite pieces from his collections below.

mr brainwash maxspray_street









This last picture of Bob Marley he created out of broken vinyl records, its just…..everything!


B xx

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