Loreal EverRiche NO SULPHATES Care System

9 April, 2013


I have a confession; it’s time I fessed up. I’m a product junkie. Whether is something for the face or something for the hair, if everybody’s raving about it then I have to have it! I’m the type of fool that believes those articles in newspapers or magazines which are obviously adverts but pretend not to be. They give example quotes of pleased customers saying things like, “Since Shirley has been using this conditioner she now often gets mistaken for Rapunzel as her hair grew so much in just under one week !” or “Now Jenny has to carry her ID with her everywhere she goes because this new serum has taken fifthteen years off her face in just under two weeks!” What’s my problem I know these articles are talking a load of crap but I still get suckered into these things!

They’re not all bad though sometimes you do find a good deal and if you do it’s always nice to share.



If anyone’s read my how  to grow  your hair post you will know how much  in favour I am of sulphate free shampoo’s and conditioners. Sulphates are cleaning agents which are put into most shampoos and some conditioners. The sulphate is the foamy lather a shampoo creates when you wash your hair, but you don’t actually need  it. Sulphates strip your hair of all its natural oils and used over time may contribute to dry brittle hair and an irritated dry scalp. Yep.

When the beauty  industry first caught wind of this they started to produce sulphate free shampoos and conditioners but charged around £20 for the privilege, but now L’Oreal have said screw that and they’ve come out with a more price friendly sulphate free range. They’re priced at around £6.99.

They can only be found in the larger Boots stores mind or online. I went into the small Boots situated in Bond Street station the other day and when I asked where the sulphate free shampoos were kept the guy looked at me as if I’d said, “Oh my God are you Whoopi Goldberg can I have your autograph?”



I actually really liked this product and I’d definitely recommend it. I couldn’t speak for the other two products in the sulphate free range  but for me personally It left my hair light and bouncy and really defined my curls.

Bex pic 1

Oh and yes before you say it, yes there is a filter on this picture. I think I’m an instagram filter addict, seriously someone needs to stop me this behaviour is getting out of control! It’s just… a filter makes everything look that much better, don’t you agree? If I could I’d wack a filter over my entire life! Wouldn’t that be amazing a life filter! Is anybody else loving the idea of that!? (Get a grip Rebecca)

So overall a great product that anyone can try and doesn’t cost the earth!



B xx

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