Lauren Baker Exhibition

7 January, 2014


Oh God. I know, I know!! I’ve committed the cardinal rule no blogger should ever commit. I’ve let the blogging slip.
For those who don’t know the blogging industry is cut throat, if you don’t keep up with the posts your readership dies quicker than a black man in a horror movie. (Although shout out to LL Cool J in Deep Blue Sea for breaking the pattern.)
Now my readership probably consists of one random man & his dog who live in a hut in Outer Mongolia, neither understand anything that I write but both feel sorry for me so they make sure they check in on me now and again. (It’s mainly the dog who initiates it.)

The end of last year took me pretty much, here, there and everywhere so my blogging temporarily had to take a back seat.

Anyway enough of the excuses I thought I’d put them all to bed now and start the year off on a slightly eerie note. On Saturday my friend and I attended the Lauren Baker exhibition situated in the Hang Up gallery in Stoke Newington. The show continues Lauren’s Enchanted Afterlife series which consists of handpainted, embellished human skulls , a coffin decorated in neon lights, cut off fingers (yikes!) and a deadbird tied to a balloon! (no words.)

Lauren’s work explores the relationship between life, death and the afterlife. In the media release it says she was inspired by her time spent in the Peruvian Amazon and the Mexican day of the dead celebrations. Each piece apparently holds a unique and spiritual element drawing you in and creating an added depth. Lauren has also showcased her work in the Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Ibiza and California. If you’re interested in going to see this particular exhibition it’s running until the 24th of January at the Hang Up Gallery. Check out some of her pieces below, I must admit one of those embellished human skulls would look pretty cool as a coffee table accessory, if you’re brave enough that is!
















Cut off fingers in a box? Why the hell not…


Ok, so this last one threw us both slightly I hope that little birdy wasn’t real. :(

So anyway if Arts your thing you should go and check the exhibition out, it’s defintely something different to kick off the year with!

B xx

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