I’m in love with Fede Saenz!

26 December, 2012

Well his artwork anyway.


Why is one of his pieces not hanging in my apartment as I type this? Why!!

Fedez Saenz is an Argentina born-Brooklyn based artist and DJ.He creates amazing, huge canvases all measuring approximately 48″ x 68″ using acrylic, graphite, spray paint and pastel. His signature colours are white, black and pink and basically the whole. Thing. Just. Works….

Check out some of his artwork below, and the last picture is of his studio in Brooklyn where he creates all these magical pieces.

If you want to find out more about Mr Saenz, and of course you do he’s amazing check out his website here.


B xx










Can I have a studio like this thank you please? Can I have a studio like this thank you please?

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