How to make the perfect scallop

12 August, 2013

Oh you fancy!…..Why yes, yes I am actually ūüėČ


This recipe is my take on the scallops you can buy from Borough Market in London,¬†pictured below. If you haven’t tried them yet you must because they’re incredible. As you can see they used three scallops compared to my one.¬†I promise I’m¬†not being stingy, I bought queen scallops which are much bigger than the ones you see below, I served my dish as a starter so it was just the right amount. This recipe also involves bacon (yep my love affair continues…) I think you can actually convert a non scallop lover with this recipe, the combination of stir fried vegetables and a shit load of bacon completely switches up the game. Oh and on top of all of that it’s super easy and super quick to make woop de woop!

Right well erm…shall we? I mean you don’t have to but it would be great if you did!

So first up here’s what you’ll need….


  • x4 fresh queen scallops (I bought mine from Selfridges foodhall)
  • x 4 scallop shells (If your¬†fishmonger is nice he’ll probably just give you these for free just flutter your eyelashes and say something like, “You smell really lovely, i’m so glad I found this place it completes me!)
  • x5 rashes of streaky bacon
  • x1 bag of vegetable sti fry ( I picked up mine from M&S)
  • x1 bag of bean sprouts (again from M&S)
  • sprig of fresh parsley
  • dollop of oyster sauce
  • x1 tbsp of fish sauce
  • sprinkle of sugar
  • x3 garlic cloves and half a thumb size piece of ginger
  • groundnut oil and butter to saute the scallops
  • salt and pepper to season


Simple rules to follow when cooking a scallop

  • The orange coral/roe which is attached to the scallop is edible, some people say it’s a delicacy and a required taste but to be honest it all tastes the same if you ask me. It’s up to you whether you want to leave it on or remove it. I fried two with the coral still attached¬†and two without
  • Make sure your scallops are completely dry before cooking them, dab them dry with a kitchen paper towel
  • When seasoning your scallops with salt and pepper you can go heavy with both, scallops have quite a strong, sweet flavour so you have to go heavy with the seasoning to balance it out.
  • Before you place any of your scallops into your pan it¬†has to be piping hot, so much so that you can see abit of smoke rising from¬†your pan
  • When your scallops hit the pan do not be¬†tempted to move them about like you would in a stir fry just leave them DO NOT touch them until you need to¬†flip them over to cook the other side
  • Although scallops all come in different sizes the usual searing time for each side is 90 seconds to 2 minutes for one side then as soon as you see a nice caramalized topping flip it over and sear for a further minute on he other side, then quickly remove from the pan and pop on your plate to serve. The scallops will continue to cook once removed from the pan so you have to be fast as you don’t want them to overcook.
  • To test this if you press down on the top of your scallop it should be springy not firm, if the scallop is firm well shit you’ve overcooked that little bugger!
  • If your scallops are springy and perfect serve straight away and give yourself a high five! If you leave scallops too long befoe you eat them they quickly turn tough and rubbery. fail! :(





Ok so I patted my scallops dry with a kitchen paper towel and seasoned them with lots of salt and pepper…


Yay I fluttered my lashes and got four of these babies for decoration………..


I pan fried my bacon unil it got extra crispy


Then I chopped up my bacon once it had cooled down and set this aside to sprinkle on top of my scallops later on …


I grabbed a big handful of this….


and some of this….


finely chopped up these….


then I chucked them all together into a piping hot wok with groundnut oil


Then I added a good dollop of oyster sauce a splashing of fish sauce and sprinkled over a small sprinkle of sugar


Then I set this aside too


Next I dropped a chunk of unsalted buter into a pan with some groundnut oil and let the pan get extra hot…


As soon as the pan was hot enough I laid all four of my babies into the pan and began my 90 second countdown


Random extra picture from another angle???


Once one side was done I flipped these babies over to cook on the other side for another minute


I grabbed my fancy shell and put on a good spoonful of my sauteed vegetables


Then I quickly popped my scallop on top and sprinkled over lots of bacon (bacon I love yoooou!) Then I finished this off with a sprinkle of chopped parsley. I think I’ve wrote sprinkle about 50 times in this bloody blog post!




Hello you sexy fancy scallop!

I’m telling you this¬†blog post is so fancy I’ll be hanging out with ¬†Kate Middleton next. I can just see us now giggling over a bottle of champagne as I try and coax her into more edgy fashion choices. I’ve got her in an All Saints leather Jacket and Balmain pants whilst we post pictures of how cute lil George is on Instagram.

I know. I always take it a step toooooo far.

So scallops get involved!

B xx

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