How to decorate your coffee table

20 January, 2014

Oh man, here I am back once again with another bi-polar post! If only I could be one of those bloggers who just focus on one or two subjects, but alas I am me, my brain just doesn’t work like that. I’m obsessed with so many different things, my mind has a proclivity to jump around randomly like a grasshopper from one subject to the next, but one thing that I do love to spend hours upon hours drooling over is coffee table porn.


Beautiful coffee table books are my weakness, the problem is once you think you’ve seen them all you haven’t, there’s more! Then there’s candles, sigh…..Bitches love candles, and flowers, ugh, I have an obsession with flowers. Of course, what woman doesn’t love a freshly bought bouquet of flowers but some of the artificial flowers you can buy these days are also pretty spectacular. I’m not talking shitty Ikea artificial flowers or those dodgy looking ones you find in bric and brac shops or market stalls stuck in the fake soil in a cheap pot, I’m talking beautiful, fully bloomed, colourful flowers that look so unbelievably real anyone who comes to my apartment thinks they actually are. I’m telling yoooou! *Jennifer Hudson voice*

Anyhooo I thought I’d firstly show you how I pimped out my own coffee table in the picture’s directly after the jump and then below those are afew photos of stylish coffee tables I’ve come across the tin-ternet.






  • Ok so, on my own coffee table I bought a couple of flowers and a small vase from Sia in Selfridges Department Store.
  • The coffee table books are Tom Ford and Jeffs Koons The Painter and the Sculpter
  • The candles are both Diptyque
  • The white coral is from Zara (now on sale lucky you)
  • The black slate coasters are by John Rocha and you can purchase them in Debenhams now, and they’re also currently on sale.
  • The wooden Buddha head I nabbed from my parents house a while back but hey you can buy Budhha heads anywhere these days…

Now for some further inspiration…..

pic cc

The clear glass Buddha head in the above picture is everything <3


If only the room could come with the table….


Simple and beautiful


Perfect table to display copious amounts of books


These images are from the beautiful blog This womans style is flawless, so it was no wonder her coffee table game would be on point.



May I have this gold deer ornament thankyou please???


The above golden dinosaurs are actually plastic toy dinosaurs that she simply spray painted gold, how dope is that! Also a brilliant and cheap alternative for some of you who may not be able to folk out a couple of hundred on beautiful accessories. If you want to check out her whole appartment have a look through this post I came across on adelinadreamsof.blogspot

So it seems to have an epic coffe table these days you need to possess at least two out of the six things I’m going to list to you now. First and foremost. A. COFFEE. TABLE. BOOK. Please. If you don’t have one already you’ve been denying your poor little table for faaaar too long. Plese stop this abhorrent behaviour! Also you’ll need a candle(‘s), a small ornament or decorative accessory of some sort, flowers, and  for some tables, if it takes your fancy, a coffee table tray and perhaps some coasters.

So now you’re probably thinking, Oh my God I’ve been abusing my coffee table for all these years! How could I? What have I become! Oh where do I start, I haven’t got the time to source all these things and I, I , I!!!

Calm down, calm down I’ve got you! Look, please see below………….. 😉







Vivienne Westwood

Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 13.41.38

Carrine Roitfeld Irreverent


The Kate Moss Book


Diane Von Furstenberg 


Grace Coddington A Memoir









Sia Flowers 


Abigail Ahern Flowers







Atlantic clam shell


Ceramic Head


Faux Deer Antler

pyrite cluster

Pyrite Cluster


Large gold wishbone


Gold Athena Tray


D.L & Co Silver plated skull

Excuse the pictures you see below here, they were taken with my iPhone. Now these may not be to everyone’s taste but I think they’re so beautiful. Raw pieces of distressed wood; if your coffee table is big enough, I think these would look beautiful in either a modern of traditional styled living room, they’re priced at £45.00.




They’re from the furniture store West Elm which opened about a month ago based in Tottenham Court Rd.

Also this silver ball thingy which was £35.oo is another great coffee table accessory, again apologies for my iphone photography skills…











jo malone

Jo Malone






agate coasters

Natural Agate Coasters



Crystal coasters

zara slate

Slate Coasters

mother of pearl coasters

Square mother of pearl coasters






It seems alot of people are making their own coffee table instead of buying a fancy high end one you could easily just brush over a lick of paint over a cheap tray or even use a photo frame which you can pick up dirt cheap from Ikea and line the glass with a beautiful  wallpaper for your base. Check out some DIY tutorials I sourced from these blogs below…



Meet Mina DIY Coffee table tray


Song Of Style DIY Tray

So there you have it some tips and tricks that hopefully inspired you to up your coffee table game, because remember coffee tables need love too! (Oh dear, did I just write that? Yep, yep I did, and the worst part is I didn’t delete it! Oh whatever I’m sure every blogger has an occasion where they think what the hell did I just write?! This is that.)  :)


Happy Monday

B xx

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