Homemade kale chips

29 January, 2014

So, how the January diet going? Are you still getting up an extra half an hour early just to bust some squats? Or perhaps you’re avoiding your daily morning coffee loaded with copius amounts of sugar? (Pret a manger cappucino I love you, I miss you! :( Never forget.) Then there’s the carbs, I assume you’re drastically cutting down on all of the dreaded BPP’s – bread, pasta, potatoes.

Well, if you haven’t done any of the above and you’re currently reading this blogpost whilst munching on the rubbish chocolates nobody ever eats at the bottom of the selection box because some idiot brought their left over chocolate dregs from christmas into the office, (selfish bastards) then I need to introduce you to something.


All hail the Kale! (chip.) I know, I know I’m sorry….

Quite frankly, kale chips are  the sh*t. I’m serious, If Kale were a superhero, it would be the lovechild of Batman and Wonderwoman, or perhaps Thor and She-Ra? (There aren’t many female superhero’s to choose from ok so just go with me on this one.) Plus they’re cheap, oh so easy to make and ridiculous healthy.

Ok, yes, I can I here afew of you thinking, yawn, these things have been around for ages. Yes maybe so, but they only recently came into my life and I’m oh so happy they did! If anyone reading this is on a low-carb vibe or just generally trying to diet and cut back at the start of the new year but you’re finding it too hard to give up on the mid- morning/ mid- afternoon snacking frenzy you’re so accustomed too, then these are an incredible alternative to a packet of salt and vinegar crisps.

I made these for my friend and I last night, we wanted nibbles to go with our wine but didn’t want the usual nuts, chocolate or crisps variation. My friend was sceptical when I whipped out a bag of kale but I told her to just go with it. An hour and a half later and we’d polished off three bowls inbetween gossiping about everything from men, shoes and world domination.

Before I tell you how to make them I want to take a moment to talk about the vegetable Kale and how beneficial it is for our bodies in general. Kale is known to strengthen the hair therefore aiding healthy hair growth, being the hair junkie that I am this of course swung me and urged me to find out more.

Check out the top ten reasons to incorporate kale into your diet as sourced from  www.mindbodygreen.com

Or see below diagram …


Seeeeeee? So basically, eating this stuff is like giving your body super powers, and who doesn’t want super powers??


  • Kale
  • salt to season
  • Chili flakes (optional)


Set your oven to 180 C /Gas Mark 4


Pop your kale in a bowl and cover all the leaves evenly with extra virgin olive oil, a sprinkling of salt and some chili flakes.


Lay all the kale out on a baking tray seperately so each piece can be cooked evenly, then pop it into your oven.


10  minutes later and ta da!! These babies come out of the oven, light, crispy and salty.

Wait. Listen I know it looks like I’ve just taken a close up photograph of a random bowl of lettuce leaves here so maybe you’re going to have to just trust me on this one. So, lets make a deal, next time you’re sat infront of the TV with a cup of tea and you feel overcome with a need to snack or pick at something why not give these a try and I promise you, you  won’t be dissapointed.


B xx

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