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15 January, 2014


So, for the people who are familiar with this blog you will know that I’m obsessed with hair care and I’m always on the lookout for the new “it” product. Well, I’ve come across three new brands recently that seem to be working their Harry Potter magic on my locks.


Before we go in to the products themselves I want  to talk about general haircare and styling techniques. Over the years I’ve discovered many products and systems that have been greatly beneficial to my hair care regime. If you’re new to this blog and you have hair issues in general you should read this blogpost first, then if you like read this one next.

So after following all the general hair care systems I mentioned in the first blogpost I directed you to  I thought I should add a couple of other things I do to help you along.





You must buy a silk pillow case….

230504446alt1John Lewis: Silk pillow case

If you don’t want to buy a silk pillow case just do what I do and cover your pillow with a silk scarf, simples! Sleeping on a silk scarf/pillow case drastically reduces the amount of frizz my hair greets me with in the morning, it’s also better for your skin in the long-term by reducing the lines and creases that appear on your skin from sleeping on a cotton pillow case.





You need to invest in  a filter for your shower head



415uexF3nlL._SY450_Amazon: Shower filter

Have you ever noticed when you visit certain countries abroad your hair feels oh so extra soft and luscious when you come out of the shower? Thats because their water is so much softer then in certain parts of the world ( Ahem, cough London!)  Our water is so hard because of the chemical minerals and chlorine they  put into it to make sure it’s clean. The problem is the minerals and chlorine are then going into our hair cuticles and of course our skin! Have you ever noticed the dry water speckles that appear on your shower door after you’ve finished in the shower? They’re the same marks that appear on your glasses once you retrieve them from the dishwasher, they’re  all traces of the drying minerals that strip your hair and skin and we’re currently showering our whole bodies in it! The reason alot of us get dry, itchy scalp and some even psoriasis is because of all this harsh water going into our cuticles, and the fact that the water is hot when you’re in the shower means all your pores are opening nicely so all those nasty chemicals are going into your body with ease!


I promise you when you invest in a shower filter watch what happens to your hair and skin. Mind. Blown.





I want to talk about the curl pattern in general and how the curls underneath your hair can be beautifully defined and luscious and the top half of your hair can look battered , thats because it usually is. We abuse the top layer of our hair so much, heat is the number one cause for loosing your curl pattern also bleaching your hair does it zero favours, but I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that, the only thing that can heal the damage to your hair is moisturising, doing lots of deep conditioning treatments, and staying away from the heat and the bleach, but all this takes time. Oh and before anything cutting off those dead ends that are happily climbing up your hair towards your new hair growth so they can ruin that too, no thank you!

In the above picture I posted here, as you can see the curls on the top of my head look fairly big. Thats because some days when I wake up in the morning I don’t have the time, as so many hair experts tell me to, to  let my hair dry naturally so all my curls are lovely and defined. I wash my hair, and right now it’s bloody freezing outside so then I spray my hair with a heat protector and then I have to give it a quick blast with a diffuser. Sometimes my hair turns out ok from this, and sometimes the odd strands on the very top of my head just go straight because of all the past heat damage some of them have been through.

In the photo directly below, taken with my iphone sorry!  If you can see the curls I have underneath are slightly smaller, my natural curl pattern is actually 3B but the top of my hair sometimes makes it look as if I’m a 3A when I don’t have the time to let my hair dry naturally.



That because after blasting my locks with a hairdryer I then add five to ten curls randomly through the top layer of my hair using  this Nicky Clarke heating tong and then I ruffle my hands through my hair to seperate the curls. Buuuut this isn’t good for the hair, as you know, so when I have the time amd if some days I just want to give myself a slightly bigger curl I’ve started to use flexi rods, I picked mine up from Boots chemist but I’m sure you can grab these from most hair stores here or in the USA or wherever you reside. These little things are amazing and completely damage free for the hair! A lovely lady called Amina commented on one of my blog posts the other day and asked me to check out her own blog Seriously go and check this blog out, she posts tons and tons of tips and tricks for all your mixed race and curly hair woes instead of you having to trapse all across the internet, she’s done the hard grind for you! As I was looking through her posts I came across this tutorial which shows you how to use the flexi rods perfectly, check it out below.

Now lets talk about hair products, whilst in the states recently I was introduced to an amazing brand called Shea Moisture. Yes, yes I know It’s been out for a while but for those of you who may not have heard of it have a look at my favourite products from their collection below. Oh and also let me add that all the conditioners and shampoos mentioned here are all sulfate, paraben and sillicone free, natural products only for Bexy!


Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditoner This conditioner is great and I actually use this as a leave in treatment aswell after I’ve washed my hair, it really protects those ends.



Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque This is one up from the restorative conditioner and it’s truly lush! I fell in love, it detangles hair in seconds and leaves your hair feeling soft, nourished and moisturised.



Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo 


Yucca and Aloe Thickening Growth Milk I use this after I’ve washed my hair, I put about a 10 pence piece amount in my hand and distribute it even throughout my hair, concentrating most on the ends



Coconut and Hibiscus Curl enhancing Smoothie  Again another great product which leaves my hair bouncy and my curls defined, to be honest anything with coconut in I love.


The second brand I want to tell you about is called Mixed Roots. I think this brand is fairly new, and if you live in the UK you can pick this up from the PAK shop which sells multiple products for ethnic hair. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling throughly cleansed and the Deep Moisture Conditioner is incredible. It smells amazing and as soon as you put it on your hair it detangles, softens and moisturises in an instant.



Mixed Roots Deep Moisture Conditioner


Mixed Roots Cleansinf Shampoo

The final little product I need to tell you about is from a brand called Keracare. I  discovered this about three months ago now and it’s been happily used ever since. This is perfect for the inbetween days of washing your hair when all you need is to make sure your ends are protected and not drying out. This little product is genius I’m telling you! If you suffer from dry ends whether it’s from bleaching or heat damage all you do is pop a small amount (and I mean a small amount, seriously it’s all you need!) just on to the very ends of your hair when you go to bed at night and by the morning your hair has soaked up all the moisture from the product and your ends are smooth, moisturised and shiny! Serious miracle product you must buy!


Keracare Overnight Moisturizing Treatment

Jesus why is it that my hair posts are always so long! Anyway if you get the time, try some of these tips and tricks out for yourself and let me know how you get on!


B xx

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