Finding Joe

24 June, 2013

finding-joe-posterBit of a different post today; well this is supposed to be a “lifestyle” blog after all, although I do seem to predominantly waver towards food. I cannot lie food gives me the kind of high that well…..ok soooo maybe I do get a tad over excited about food. Although it’s not just food, I’m also obsessed with music, fashion, shoes, cars the list is endless but hey we’d be here all day so lets just move on because now I’m waffling.

A friend of mine gave me this DVD to watch and I felt it was something that warranted a little blog post. Some people are hailing “Finding Joe”  the new The Secret and although the message it’s trying to portray is basically the same all in all the documentary seems to approach the subject of self-discovery from a completely different angel. Finding Joe is based on the work of the famous and brilliant mythologist Joesph Campell. Through studying the many stories that have been told throughout history no matter the era, genre or culture he found they all shared the same pattern which he named, “the hero’s journey.” The reason why we seem to resonate with all the stories we read or even the movies we watch is because deep down or perhaps even subconciously something inside us is telling us thats what we’re supposed to do with our own lives, we’re supposed to push ourselves and acheive our dreams just like the hero has to in the movie. Whether it’s quitting your dead end sticking needles in your eyes because it’s so boring office job and fufilling your dreams of being an interior designer/singer/pirate. Or writing that book you’ve always wanted to write or pursuing the thing that deep down you’ve always known was your true calling. No matter what the story, the message it’s trying to bring is always the same. A great story always teaches us a lesson of some sort and thats why it touches us and seems to stay with us.

Apparently your own story begins when you receive your “wake up call” which usually comes in the form of a major tragedy in your life like the break down of a relationship,a divorce, losing your house or being fired from your job or maybe even a car accident. These moments that test us are sometimes the wake up call we needed to see that we needed to change in order to progress and be who we truly know we were meant to be. Anyway if this kind of thing interests you check out the trailer below and see what you think.

So there you have it, I’m sure every single one of us has gone through some pretty bleak moments in our lives but what always amazes me is how at one stage you can feel completely lost and broken and no matter what your friends, loved ones or family tell you, right there in that moment you can’t seem to see it ever geting any easier. I’ve been there BELIEVE me. Then all of a sudden a week will go by, maybe a month for some us it could even be a year but eventually you’re out of the darkness, you feel happy again, and soon after you remember your purpose, and why you’re here. Then it’s just a case of jumping up off your backside and deciding to get shit done instead of continuing to be the victim of your own life.

I posted a great quote on my instagram not so long ago from the man himself which basically sums this whole DVD up.

“Your life is the fruit of your own doing you have no-one to blame but yourself.”

Joseph Campbell


Yikes if that doesn’t set you straight then I don’t know what will!

To find out more about the documentary and the man behind the making of it check out the finding Joe official website here

So, if anyone reading this is going through a fleeting lost moment or a state of  transition in their own lives and finds themselves asking real hard hitting questions such as, “For fucks sake why does my friend only order the lemon and herb sauce on their chicken when we go to Nando’s WHY!!??? Do they not knooooow about the other two awesome sauces???!!!” If things seem to be effecting you alittle more than they usually should maybe check this DVD out and for the rest of you who just click on this blog for food sigh…. I feel you, I’ll probably post another recipe up this week.


Happy Monday peeps!


B xx

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