Feature Walls

22 April, 2013

Since Tumblr and Pinterest came into my life I’ve been into interior design a hell of a lot more than I used to be.Then again I’ve always loved art and design but the great thing about Pinterest and all of these other image sharing websites is that you come across great ideas for your own bedroom, apartment, shed wherever you may reside that you may have not thought of before.
Frame 2

I’m currently lusting after feature walls. Whether its a collection of frames hung together on a wall or a row of shelves with an open view book case so the front cover of the books look like pieces of art, all I know is that I have ventured into the world of feature wall porn and I don’t seem to be turning back! Check out some amazing rooms I sourced from my pinterest below.



Frames 1

frame 5

frame 6


frame 9

frame 7

frame 8

frame 10


Frame 4

Frame 3

I’m currently crying and eating a packet of Haribos and some sort of carbohydrate I shouldn’t be eating whilst I ponder over why one of these rooms isn’t in my apartment.


B xx

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