Could it be magic?

3 January, 2013


Sorry about the rubbish title, the only thing I could think of was an old Take That song sigh…anyway moving on.

So one of the gifts I received over Christmas was this book. I’m not too sure how I feel about it if I’m honest. Firstly let me start by saying I’m all for a positive mental attitude. I follow afew motivational tweeters on my Twitter site such as Wayne Dyer, Share Awakenings and The Daily Love. Also like a lot of fellow tweeters I retweet something like “It’s YOUR life it’s up to you what you make of it, make today count!” Then I basically do jack all about it and carry on surfing the internet and sipping my coffee. I mean after a while there are only so many positive quotes and statements you can retweet depending on what you’re trying to improve in your life. Afew I just saw were, “If he didn’t change then why do you think he’ll change now” or “life is like an open book, you pick the page you want to be on” or “I just woke up, flowers in a field, ham and cheese sandwich, YOLO!” Ok the last one is crap but you get the point, after a while if you don’t do anything about them their all just words that anyone and their mother can say, post or retweet so they completely lose their intent and become you know just….meh.


Anyway so when I received this book, I secretly rolled my eyes to myself and thought the only “Magic” that’s happening here is Rhona Byrne’s bank balance because of all the people buying into this stuff! I mean what more can she possible tell us about the secret? Wait, before you say it I’m not a total skeptic I actually loved her first book The Secret, despite what certain critics said about it. I truly believe that if you believe something will happen and stay positive it eventually will, it’s just I couldn’t help but think is she milking it now?


So I decided to delve a little further and after  flicking through afew pages I found out that this book is set out so you have to do daily exercises which make you do something positive every day over a 28 day period, and it promises after the 28 days you will feel the benefits or “Magic” in your life. Basically its just reminding us to be grateful and appreciative on a daily basis. For some reason the human race seems to forget to do this pretty easily. I read the reviews on the book and pretty much 95% of them were postive. There were a couple of doubters though, there always is. One reviewer wrote “This is a load of crap it just repeats the same thing over and over! The book could just be one page that states be grateful every day!” But then I thought about it and that’s really the only way we learn. Studies have shown that the only way you can evoke real change in your life is by repetition, you have to re-train your mind on a daily basis to be more positive. Yes people if you want to change your life, you have to make small changes on a daily basis and if you can’t be bothered to do that, cool, stay where you are in life.

So today is my first day. I’ve read the blurb at the beginning where Rhona asks “Is your life magical?” No Rhona it’s not, I just got off an overly packed tube where my face was directly facing a man’s armpit who apparently hadn’t heard of body wash! But …wait I am going to do this! New Year and all, let’s see if this stuff actually works, I mean I’m quite positive anyway and I really do believe in the law of attraction but this book is taking it to the next level so I’m intrigued to see what’s going to happen. I’ll let you know how it goes.

28 days later…

Oh and if you wanna do this too you can buy the book here.


B xx

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