Sorry my blogging has been slacking lately my mac daddy and I are having serious issues, he’s just come back from the apple store today so that’s why I haven’t been in the blogging world of late but hopefully now I’m back and he isn’t going to give me any more trouble!

Ok, lets kick things off with a food post shall we. THIS is a death row type of meal. I mean yep, I get that I reside in the UK and I’m pretty sure I’ll never be on death row but for the purpose of this post lets just pretend my name is Shanikwa, I hail from the Bronx and I stabbed my boyfriend to death because he kept leaving the toilet seat up. ( problems :( )
So now here I am on death row reminiscing, wishing I’d invested in one of those toilet seats that automatically go down themselves instead of wiling out, maybe poor Darnell would still be here?! ( yep I went with Darnell, Tyrone seemed too obvious) Then my time comes….. I have to choose the LAST MEAL I’m ever going to eat before it’s all over, apparently you’re aloud to chose whatever you fancy.
Ok. so I can’t deny chicken or steak would be heavily in this meal choice but if I had to go with a fish dish this particular one would come pretty close!

I mean look it’s fish with bacon and there’s a creamy sauce whats not to love!


Oh and a random picture of me! My friend cannot focus a camera, seriously we tried it five times and this one was the best he could do, the rest of the pictures are better I promise!


So anyway if you wanna find out how to make this check it out after the jump :)




8 July, 2013

In my book summer time means Jerk chicken time; ok so it means alot of other things too but Jerk chicken is obviously the most important. This weekend I travelled up north to my hometown in Lytham to spend the weekend with family and friends. My dad and my nephew were visiting friends in Italy so my mum, my sister, and my little niece Olivia and I took it upon ourselves to make this a girls weekend.



With the weather finally seeing sense we decided to light up the barbecue, drink lots of alcohol and fry ouselves under the sun like all good Brits should do!




Has anyone ever tried pea and ham soup before, well if  you haven’t you should because it’s awesome. So, the other day I thought wait a cotton picking minute, pea and ham pasta sauce why has nobody ever thought about this!? (I clearly have too much time on my hands) So, off I went cooking up a little storm in the kitchen, then afterwards I clicked onto Google and realised this wasn’t a new thing at all and people had thought about it. Life just isn’t fair sometimes…..anyway I quickly got over this fact and from that point on all I knew was that this little recipe deserved a place on my blog. Its’s a great alternative to the usual pasta sauce options and the whole thing literally takes 10 minutes to make.



How to make Paella

19 June, 2013

Because of the rubbish weather we’re having in London at the moment, I had to make this to remind me that it is infact summer time.
So, I turned up the heating really high in my apartment, popped on a bikini and a grass skirt (what, you don’t have a grass skirt?) stuck an umbrella in my drink so it looked like a tropical cocktail and blasted Fresh prince and Jazzy Jeff “Summertime” out of my speakers; drums please………………….
Ok so none of those things actually happened, but Paella did.

Oh baby………………


This is what happens to my face when I eat Paella……

All I need now is a wind machine and a saxaphone playing in the background and this is basically like soft food porn.

bb 1

and this is how Paella makes me feeeeeel……….


I’m done. If you wanna learn how to bust some shapes like my friend here the recipe is after the jump…