Easy Beef STEW

31 January, 2014


Winter always screws with my emotions, not to mention my skin tone; yep us mixed chicks get pasty, pasty come winter time. I don’t know about you but as soon as the cold and dark winter months hit in, all I want to do is eat something hearty, curl up on the sofa, poooooossibly include some alcohol, (always include alcohol) and just lay there, like a stick of broccoli staring gormlessly into the distance whilst I watch trashy TV. Oh wow I sound attractive, but I’m ill, forgive me! Right now I would happily hibernate on my sofa until the summer. I’m not a winter girl, the whole, “oh wow look at the snow isn’t it pretty!!” That’s not me, God no, I’m more of a, “oh wow look at this beach and look at my sun lounger isn’t it fetch!!” Yep, more me.

Lasagne, cottage pie, stew chicken, stew anything thats Bexy come winter time, I’m really not that hard to figure out. Yesterday I went with beef stew served with mashed potato, seriously mashed potato and I need to get a room because I cannot control myself when I’m around it. It’s just so soft, so thick, so creamy, so sexual?

Hmmm, okayyyy. Recipe after the jump!



Homemade kale chips

29 January, 2014

So, how the January diet going? Are you still getting up an extra half an hour early just to bust some squats? Or perhaps you’re avoiding your daily morning coffee loaded with copius amounts of sugar? (Pret a manger cappucino I love you, I miss you! :( Never forget.) Then there’s the carbs, I assume you’re drastically cutting down on all of the dreaded BPP’s – bread, pasta, potatoes.

Well, if you haven’t done any of the above and you’re currently reading this blogpost whilst munching on the rubbish chocolates nobody ever eats at the bottom of the selection box because some idiot brought their left over chocolate dregs from christmas into the office, (selfish bastards) then I need to introduce you to something.


All hail the Kale! (chip.) I know, I know I’m sorry….



Oh you fancy!…..Why yes, yes I am actually 😉


This recipe is my take on the scallops you can buy from Borough Market in London, pictured below. If you haven’t tried them yet you must because they’re incredible. As you can see they used three scallops compared to my one. I promise I’m not being stingy, I bought queen scallops which are much bigger than the ones you see below, I served my dish as a starter so it was just the right amount. This recipe also involves bacon (yep my love affair continues…) I think you can actually convert a non scallop lover with this recipe, the combination of stir fried vegetables and a shit load of bacon completely switches up the game. Oh and on top of all of that it’s super easy and super quick to make woop de woop!

Right well erm…shall we? I mean you don’t have to but it would be great if you did!




8 July, 2013

In my book summer time means Jerk chicken time; ok so it means alot of other things too but Jerk chicken is obviously the most important. This weekend I travelled up north to my hometown in Lytham to spend the weekend with family and friends. My dad and my nephew were visiting friends in Italy so my mum, my sister, and my little niece Olivia and I took it upon ourselves to make this a girls weekend.



With the weather finally seeing sense we decided to light up the barbecue, drink lots of alcohol and fry ouselves under the sun like all good Brits should do!