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Are you an authentic blogger?

10 February, 2014


I write this title only because I came across a guest post written on one of my favourite websites/blogs by a writer who’d decided to vacate into her own rectum. Her blurb wrote something along the lines of, “Alongside blogging I am a published writer, I am not just a blogger.” I took abit of an offence to that, she may as well have written, “Oh bless you all with your little blogs, but I do this sh*t properly!” To me her statement told me more about herself and her own insecurities than her entire article ever would. I’ve seen other bloggers write similar condescending statements too such as, “I’m a professional blogger and I take what I do seriously.” No kidding love, you take yourself so seriously that I’m now bored and I’m currently leaving your website, bye!

But this all got me thinking, what constitutes anyone nowadays, with the freedom of the world wide web, to say someone can’t be anything other than what they choose to be, and since when did the “Blogging Police” become so PC as to establish what grounds grant you an authentic and legitimate blogger?




The effects of social Media

25 September, 2013

Whoops September the 4th was my last post! I’ve been so busy lately I’ve been running around like a maniac, unfortunately I can’t share exactly why just yet but hopefully I’ll be able to soon. Anyway I decided to write abit of different post today, it’s a topic I seem to keep hearing so many people talk about so I thought it warranted a little blogpost. So lets start with a famous quote shall we….


Photo comparison

Yep Theodore Roosevelt pretty much had things down even then, it’s amazing how that quote transcends into relevancy even today.