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So, for the people who are familiar with this blog you will know that I’m obsessed with hair care and I’m always on the lookout for the new “it” product. Well, I’ve come across three new brands recently that seem to be working their Harry Potter magic on my locks.




Hello, anybody there? Just me and a cup of Bamboo tea here.  Bamboo tea you ask? Well…

rl bamboo 2





Where are all my curly girls at!!?

I know this post isn’t going to be for everyone but after I wrote this post on how to grow your hair, I started receiving afew emails from young girls asking me how I style my hair and what products I use so I thought I should just write another blog post about it. Curly hair is a funny thing, throughout your life you develop a love/hate relationship with it going from one extreme to the other, usually as you get older you fall in love with your curls when you realise you have the best of both worlds. When I was a teenager I used to polish off an entire tube of hair gel within a couple of days trying to plaster down my unruly, frizzy hair with the hopes of it looking vaguely socially exceptable. The reality was my hair looked like the dodgy guy from the movie, Coming to America, “Let your sooooooouuuuullll gloooooo!!!!!”

Example below for any younger people who are yet to see this movie….

Yep….don’t let this be you :(

Thank God my styling techniques and knowledge of general hair-care improved! So if  you’re a teenager/adult/granny (hey it’s never too late!) who wants  to get clued up on your general haircare hopefully this article will help alittle.

Oh and before we go any further I’m not claiming to be any type of hair expert, this is just what works for me and afew tips and tricks that I’ve learnt along the way that I believe is every womans duty to share :)




I have a confession; it’s time I fessed up. I’m a product junkie. Whether is something for the face or something for the hair, if everybody’s raving about it then I have to have it! I’m the type of fool that believes those articles in newspapers or magazines which are obviously adverts but pretend not to be. They give example quotes of pleased customers saying things like, “Since Shirley has been using this conditioner she now often gets mistaken for Rapunzel as her hair grew so much in just under one week !” or “Now Jenny has to carry her ID with her everywhere she goes because this new serum has taken fifthteen years off her face in just under two weeks!” What’s my problem I know these articles are talking a load of crap but I still get suckered into these things!

They’re not all bad though sometimes you do find a good deal and if you do it’s always nice to share.