Style Steal : Song Of Style

23 December, 2012

So it only seemed right that my first Style Steal post should be of a well established Blogger instead of the usual well known supermodel or actress. I absolutely love how the blogging world is slowly but surely taking over in every platform it covers. Certain bloggers are now collaborating with well-known fashion houses; some even creating their own fashion collections! The sky really does seem to be the limit nowadays when it comes to the blogging community.

A friend of mine actually introduced me to Aimee Songs blog and I’ve been an avid follower ever since. Aimee has a beautiful unique sense of style, and what you may think you could never piece together this girl does it effortlessly, to the point where you scurry to grab your credit card so you can buy her exact same outfit online. Or on other occasions sigh at your computer screen where you come to the realisation that you are now trying to be a mature responsible adult and that no Rebecca it is not wise to put a £600 pair of shoes on your credit card this month! Although another great thing about her blog is that Aimee mixes both high street brands with designer labels, Zara seems to be one of her favourites which is also one of mine.

Anyway I’m sure most of you know of  Aimee’s blog already but for the deprived minority that don’t, take a look at some of my favourite looks from her blog below or just head straight to her blog  here.


B xx

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