Eating Out

I’ve never really hung out in Angel before; although I have a couple of friends who live there I’m really a west end girl at heart. So anyway on one random Friday afternoon and one Sunday evening that’s exactly what ended up happening. We spent the whole day shopping, eating and drinking in Angel and you know what it wasn’t half bad.


I started off the day with my friend Lisa and we went to a cute Japanese restaurant called Tenshi which is just five minutes walk from Angel underground. Can I get props for my menu posing skills?



I cannot express to you how good this tasted, I, I, I JUST CAN’T; it was that good people. Please visit this wonderful place, you will be happy when you leave I can promise you that.

Shoryu Ramen

Towards the end of last year real, authentic style ramen noodle bars began to pop up all around london. Finally we didn’t have to deal with God awful noodle soup claiming it was the world famous ramen noodle soup thats so popular. I’m looking at you Japanese Canteen on Marylebone High St, with your dodgy noodle soup that has about as much flavour  as ummm water.  The talk of the town was there were really  only three main contenders….

In each restaurant I ordered the same thing original Tonkotsu ramen noodle soup which is made with pork bone broth thats been simmered for over 20 hours for flavour.



Red Dog Saloon

4 April, 2013

I know I’m abit late but over the weekend my friend and I checked out the Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton Square. After seeing afew bloggers mention it and seeing the pictures of the burgers this looked like my kind of place. The thing is, oh God I hate to sound bad here but, ok how should I word this? The food was…ok, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t Holy shit this tastes good kinda food and I felt a little let down because thats what I was hoping for.


Ok so first things first, I chose “The Punisher” burger from the menu. I knew I was going to order this from all the pictures I’d seen on the internet. Next my choice of beverage….



Tommi’s Burger Joint

28 February, 2013


We’ve all been there, its the previous evening and what started out as just a couple of cocktails ended up being four, mixed with two glasses of champagne and wait did somebody just shout shots? Yeah why not, I’ll have a one, oh wait, what is that tequilla you say? I can handle it, yeah course!

I cannot handle it.