A pop of pink

5 June, 2014

Well. I….I don’t even know what to say. I love this little blog I really do it’s just I’ve had noooooo time! Shit excuse. I know. Hopefully this should all change by the end of June and I can finally give this little blog some much needed love and consistency damn it! But anyway lets just pretend I never left, because…. isn’t that so much easier??

I knew you’d understand!

warehouse pink sofa



Oh man, here I am back once again with another bi-polar post! If only I could be one of those bloggers who just focus on one or two subjects, but alas I am me, my brain just doesn’t work like that. I’m obsessed with so many different things, my mind has a proclivity to jump around randomly like a grasshopper from one subject to the next, but one thing that I do love to spend hours upon hours drooling over is coffee table porn.


Beautiful coffee table books are my weakness, the problem is once you think you’ve seen them all you haven’t, there’s more! Then there’s candles, sigh…..Bitches love candles, and flowers, ugh, I have an obsession with flowers. Of course, what woman doesn’t love a freshly bought bouquet of flowers but some of the artificial flowers you can buy these days are also pretty spectacular. I’m not talking shitty Ikea artificial flowers or those dodgy looking ones you find in bric and brac shops or market stalls stuck in the fake soil in a cheap pot, I’m talking beautiful, fully bloomed, colourful flowers that look so unbelievably real anyone who comes to my apartment thinks they actually are. I’m telling yoooou! *Jennifer Hudson voice*

Anyhooo I thought I’d firstly show you how I pimped out my own coffee table in the picture’s directly after the jump and then below those are afew photos of stylish coffee tables I’ve come across the tin-ternet.



You know what I’m an absolute sucker for, interior design blogs and websites. I can easily lose afew hours in the day whilst flicking through interior porn. It’s actually addictive I don’t know if anyone agrees with me on this but for me it is, and it’s where most of my procrastination time always leads too.┬áNow we have Tumblr and Pinterest these websites are steadily fueling our never ending ┬áneed to look at beautiful art, fashion, food and of course interiors…

So I decided to put together a little inspirational dream house post, for myself more than anything, and if it inspires anyone else well then you too have impeccable style and taste ha! Everyone has an ideal image of how their dream home would look and if mine ends up looking like a collage of any of the images below I’d be a very happy bunny indeed.

Lets start with the pool area shall we…..every dream house needs one. Yep this one will do!




Feature Walls

22 April, 2013

Since Tumblr and Pinterest came into my life I’ve been into interior design a hell of a lot more than I used to be.Then again I’ve always loved art and design but the great thing about Pinterest and all of these other image sharing websites is that you come across great ideas for your own bedroom, apartment, shed wherever you may reside that you may have not thought of before.
Frame 2

I’m currently lusting after feature walls. Whether its a collection of frames hung together on a wall or a row of shelves with an open view book case so the front cover of the books look like pieces of art, all I know is that I have ventured into the world of feature wall porn and I don’t seem to be turning back! Check out some amazing rooms I sourced from my pinterest below.