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Lauren Baker Exhibition

7 January, 2014


Oh God. I know, I know!! I’ve committed the cardinal rule no blogger should ever commit. I’ve let the blogging slip.
For those who don’t know the blogging industry is cut throat, if you don’t keep up with the posts your readership dies quicker than a black man in a horror movie. (Although shout out to LL Cool J in Deep Blue Sea for breaking the pattern.)
Now my readership probably consists of one random man & his dog who live in a hut in Outer Mongolia, neither understand anything that I write but both feel sorry for me so they make sure they check in on me now and again. (It’s mainly the dog who initiates it.)

The end of last year took me pretty much, here, there and everywhere so my blogging temporarily had to take a back seat.

Anyway enough of the excuses I thought I’d put them all to bed now and start the year off on a slightly eerie note. On Saturday my friend and I attended the Lauren Baker exhibition situated in the Hang Up gallery in Stoke Newington. The show continues Lauren’s Enchanted Afterlife series which consists of handpainted, embellished human skulls , a coffin decorated in neon lights, cut off fingers (yikes!) and a deadbird tied to a balloon! (no words.)



Miyuki Ohashi

20 May, 2013

I have such a girl crush on this artist at the moment, she’s a fashion illustrator from Japan whom I first discovered through Tumblr. The picture below is one  my favourites; not because it features the model Cara Delevinge but just because of the vast use of bright colours, it’s so simple yet still so captivating. (Bloody hell I get abit posh when I’m talking about art don’t I, that did not sound like me at all?) I can just see this painting on a huge canvas with a thin gold or black frame hung against a charcoal black wall ; yes I’m still obsessed with black walls, I don’t see this phase dying folks.

Anyway If you’re keen to see more of Miyuki’s work click on any one of these links here and here




Check out some of her other paintings that are currently on my lust list after the jump, I’m sure you will fall in love too.




So on Sunday my sister and I hit up the Roy Litchenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern gallery. I’ve had a major crush on this man’s work for as long as I can remember, the above painting is probably my favorite then again I don’t knooooooow, I love too many I can’t decide?




Mr-Brainwash profile

Have you heard of Mr Brainwash? His real name is Thierry Guettahe was born  in Paris but now resides in  Los Angeles. He’s a  street artist and his work is seriously dope.