Cake batter Popcorn

15 May, 2013

Yikes, so the last time I posted was May 8th, I’m crap, I know. To be honest a couple of things are happening in my life at the moment that are taking up alot more time than I anticipated, but their good things, change is always a good thing, I hope! My goal with this blog is to write three new blog posts per week, that’s the aim and it’s doable so I need to get my bum in gear and prioritise! I wanted this little space on the internet to be a place where we could all bond over food porn and other such things from the creative realm and maybe in the future talk about other life issues that we all come across at some stage in our lives. I love the sense of community blogging brings and even though I’m a newbie blogger and have only been blogging for six months I’ve already built some great friendships and hope to build many more.

So anyway I just thought I’d clear afew things up and for those of you thinking, bitch I just clicked on this post for a recipe not a philosophical outlook on whats going on with your life and what your hopes and dreams are!! Whoops yep I hear you, ok lets go!

Popcorn plus cake batter lets make this happen!


Ok so once again this isn’t the healthiest recipe but it’s so quick and easy (I say ” it’s so quick and easy” in every thing I flippin post, forgive me!) that I just had to post it. I first tasted this gem of a idea at a friends baby shower a couple of weeks ago. In fact I ate so much of the stuff that I think I looked like a piece of cake batter popcorn by the end of the night! I asked my friend where she got the idea from and she told me she picked up the recipe online, so the very next day I typed cake batter popcorn into Google and up popped recipe upon recipe of how to make this stuff!

The recipes are all practically the same but I followed this particular one from this lovely ladies blog. It took me 10 minutes to make and man was it worth it.


Loooooook at how pretty it looks!

So how do I make this awesome creation you ask, thats the other great thing about this recipe this is all you need!


Oh and be warned this stuff gets everywhere, in your bra, in your knickers (ok maybe not in your knickers), in your hair, down the back of the sofa, everywhere.

So firstly I popped two bags of salted microwave popcorn in the microwave one at a time for three minutes each and set them aside. Then I melted all my chocolate in the microwave, mine took about three minutes and in that time I paused to stir the chocolate a couple of times.


Hmmmmm melted chocolate……………

Next I added about 1 cup and a half of the cake batter and a good splodge of olive oil to the melted chocolate, mixed it all together then added my freshly popped popcorn to the bowl.


I then laid out my popcorn on two long rows of parchment paper and sprinkled on a shit load of hundreds and thousands like I had a problem, then I sat back and  allowed the melted chocolate and cake batter to set, it took about 40 minutes.


Then voila cake batter popcorn!!! I swear everyone who tried this stuff fell in love with it immediately, it’s so moreish it’s actually dangerous! Plus it’s a great recipe to use for so many different occasions.


I ended up taking a large batch of it to work and it was literally gone within the first hour. Oh that was before my friend Di and I had our way with it first!

So CAKE BATTER POPCORN welcome it into your lives, you will be thankful and so, so happy you did!

B xx



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