A pop of pink

5 June, 2014

Well. I….I don’t even know what to say. I love this little blog I really do it’s just I’ve had noooooo time! Shit excuse. I know. Hopefully this should all change by the end of June and I can finally give this little blog some much needed love and consistency damn it! But anyway lets just pretend I never left, because…. isn’t that so much easier??

I knew you’d understand!

warehouse pink sofa

Ok. This particular post is about pink. I actually dislike pink, probably because of the connotations that come along with it. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for a bright pink lipstick or a hot pink pair of heels but anything else seems too overtly girly for my taste. As I’ve said before my interior style tends to waver more towards the masculine side. I’m a huge fan of clean simple colours like white, grey and black, if my living room was painted in wall to wall red paint I think I’d throw up in my mouth. I like the background to be neutral or dark  and then I add just a pop of colour somewhere so it doesn’t look like we’re all attending a funeral in Bexys yard.

Of course it could be any colour but I chose to focus on pink in this blogpost because thats the pop of colour I currently have in my own living room, which I’m going to post pictures off in the following post (Ooooh aaahhh the suspense!)

Anyway I thought I’d show you some examples of ways to introduce such a feminine colour into your home without making it look like a five year old little girls bedroom.

Ok first things first lets start with the floor.




For me, wooden floorboards are always a winner but not just your bog standard wooden floor boards, I’m talking sexy, black let me lick your floor kinda wooden floor boards, y’know, the ones that make you drool out of the right side of your mouth. The image below is actually along the lines of how I would style my dream home. If anyone knows who’s place this is please let me know as I forgot where I sourced this particular image from. Here he’s used maroon as his pop of colour throughout his open plan living space and the whole. thing. just. works…

black floors

I know right, you don’t even need to say, the man has style.

black wood floors

I think if you’re using such a feminine colour as pink you really do need to set the contrast with something masculine. I love the black window frames against the black wooden floor in the picture above too.




Ok. Now you’ve got your black hardwood floors you’ll need something to give your room abit of life and this is where the perfect rug comes in. At the moment I’m in love with the over-dyed persian or oriental rugs I’ve seen from multiple sources such as the picture below…

pink rug


They’re abit pricey! (four grand kinda pricey :( ) Although I did manage to find some  over at  RugsUSA which seemed ridiculously cheap! I just hope they ship to the United Kingdom!


Again it doesn’t have to necessarily be in pink, I’m just working with the title of the blogpost here! This turquoise  rug below looks equally stunning.



After this I kinda went “searching for pops of pink” crazy,  below I’ve sourced some more ideas where adding a pop of colour; pink in this case, can totally change the dynamics of an entire room. All the images are from my Pinterest  or Tumblr which to me are the perfect tools to give you inspiration if you’re currently doing up a new home.




pink stools


Pink sofa black room


Pink rug in white room


pink pig


pink lights




pink cushions


pink cushion


pink chandeliers


Pink carpet in grey room


different chairs final edit pink





And of course the thing that really dresses up a room, the art. Against a signature charcoal or grey wall any one of these pieces of art below would look beyond dope!!

Harland Miller

I’m such a huge fan of these Harland Miller Penguin book painting, again somehow one of these WILL be in my new home!



This is also a pretty cool print by Barry Leonard from PrintClubLondon It’s currently sold out I’m afraid but as it’s so popular I’m sure they’ll be bringing it back very soon, so be sure to keep a look out!


black and pink art

The sick Artist that is Fede Saenz I did a blogpost on this guy when I very first started blogging, love,love,love his work!

Painted roses

I don’t know who this particular painting is by it was sourced via my Tumblr so to anyone randomly perusing my blog who may, by all means let me know!


Or how about this iconic Kate Moss print by the street artist  Mr Brainwash

There really is a mountain of things to choose from when it comes to accessorising a plain room and it’s amazing what a good peice of art can really do. Nowadays art doesn’t have to be expensive or for the fancy pants generation only, showcasing a good peice of art in your home is just as important as accessorising the right outfit. So, if you’re living room currently resembles a set design that wouldn’t look out of place on Jessica Fletchers Murder She wrote, surely you know whats up.

Ok, phew I’m done, pink overload! Hope you were able to find afew things you like. Ooohhh blogging I’ve missed you so much!


B xx



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