Ok, so part two of my pops of pink theme.

Now technically, in my apartment my living room should actually be the bedroom but I decided to swap that around as my clothes and shoes took up far too much space, literally! So because of said swap my living room is kinda small but I’ve styled it as best I can. Of course if I was working with a much larger space I’d have the obligatory huge comfy sofa unit which every living room needs and I think I’d maybe display huge colourful canvases on the wall to add some more warmth.  I’m hardly here and as I’ll be moving soon I thought this was a better time then any to take some snap shots of this small little room for memory sake and future inspiration.

Anyway check out how I infuse some pops of pink into the room.



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A pop of pink

5 June, 2014

Well. I….I don’t even know what to say. I love this little blog I really do it’s just I’ve had noooooo time! Shit excuse. I know. Hopefully this should all change by the end of June and I can finally give this little blog some much needed love and consistency damn it! But anyway lets just pretend I never left, because…. isn’t that so much easier??

I knew you’d understand!

warehouse pink sofa



Old Bay Chicken Wings

11 March, 2014


I’ve said it before, I’ve said it a thousands times and so I shall say it again, ain’t no thing like a chicken wing….




I know, you’re thinking one of two things or both…

Number one would be, best brownies in the world my ass, who does she think she is? Yeah ok I here you, it’s a big statement to make, but you’re just going to have to trust me on this one. You only need to look at the ingredient list below to see these things can hardly taste bad.

Number two is probably, chocolate brownies…wow….ground breaking. Yep, again I understand. It’s kind of like me posting a recipe on how to cook pasta. Everyone knows how to make a brownie right? Well apparently not. The other day I decided to partake in the internet craze of black bean brownies that everyone seemed to be raving about. The recipes vary but basically you’re using mashed black beans instead of flour, lots of cocoa powder, and instead of sugar you can use agave syrup. In the pictures the brownies looked delicious; ok some looked like cardboard but I know sometimes it’s all in the taste. I read the reviews…

“Wow, I didn’t even realise I was eating a “healthy brownie” it tasted that good!!!!”

“This recipe is now my go to whenever I need a chocolate fix without the calories, delicious! You must makes these!!!”

Ooooh, I thought, they must be good, plus I won’t have to feel bad at eating one or two of these things in one go. So, I searched for the best recipe and I chose the one where the picture of the brownies looked the most delectable and off I went. Well, please let me be the one to inform you that black bean brownies taste. like. cack. Seriously I felt so let down, anyone who tells you these things taste good are lying to you! They taste bearable at that. I can only imagine this is how a man must feel when he see’s a woman with a great rack only to discover once they take it to the bedroom she whips out a couple of chicken fillets from her bra and then the truth is revealed, it was all an illusion, false advertising. Small breasts are just as attractive as large ones so why lie? How I started to talk about breasts on a brownie post I will never know. Anyway I was so miffed I had to obviously make real brownies, the more calorific the better……..